Review: Entheos – Primal EP

Probably the most awaited EP of early 2015. The quasi-reunion of Animosity, with a friend of ours, Chaney Crabb on vocals, and Frank Costa on guitars, Evan Brewer on bass, and Navene Koperweis on drums. So, let’s get our hands dirty and see what all the hype’s about.

First I gotta say that Chaney really cranked it up on vocals since the last time we heard her, in her band Systems. She was already a beast on Terrasomnium, now she’s a fucking Balrog (too bad VoM didn’t grab her)! And the other musicians really don’t disappoint either. Most noticeable is Evan’s bass work, featuring a lot of slapping. Then there are the monstrous riffs of Frank and the relentless thunderstorm of Navene on drums. The result is one EP that will disintegrate your face.

Too bad it’s just too short. With four songs, under 20 minutes, we’re left unsatisfied, like with a precocious sexual partner who leaves us to end it on our own. So, after Primal, you might want to jam Terrasomnium, a bit of The Faceless, or even unearth some Animosity.

That being said, it’s definitely an 18-ish minute EP worth your 4 bucks.