Redshift Pilots – Moonlight Synthesis

We recently often write about bands who bridge post-hardcore and progressive metal, it seems, and some also other genres, but here’s one that almost uncompromisingly links it with black metal. Redshift Pilots released their debut full-length album, Moonlight Synthesis, in early October. It impatiently shows its black colours with fervent blast beats and tremolo picking riffs, but then sways into atmospheres of post-rock and post-hardcore ambiances seamlessly and in an honestly impressive manner. Sure, some tracks stay more on one side than the other, like “Overgrown”, which is almost entirely post-rock, but has a blackgaze twist near the end, the all-out black metal assault of “Winter Lantern”, or the synthwavesque “Crepuscular”, or even “From Dark Corners”, which is an anthem of post-hardcore. The album is beautiful, at times bleak, but generally quite uplifting. Its over fifty minutes runtime will go by too fast, and you’ll be left asking for more.