Recommendations of the month: January 2015


The first month of 2015, although pretty slow in releases, has seen some outstanding albums, and we’re collecting the four best ones – according to ourselves – to promote.

First off, Lee Wanner‘s Every Man Is An Island. Lee really puts his whole personality in the music he makes. That makes it sound unlike any other. It’s progressive, voire avant-garde, and still accessible enough that it can be vaguely categorized as pop music. Read our full review of the album here.

Secondly, Nathan Parker Smith‘s Not Dark Yet. It’s an experimental progressive metal album with big band instrumentation and orchestration. Truly, an album of epic proportions that will stick in our heads for a long time! Read our full review here. Even though this album is from Fall of 2014, we just knew about it in early 2015, and that’s why we decided to put it anyway.

Then comes Trivalent‘s A Universe. A blend of latino music with fusion jazz, all atop some great, djenty instrumental progressive metal, telling a tale of the most epic proportions – the life and death of the universe. You can click here to read our full review.

Finally, a little surprise from Fountainhead: his Home EP. A sincere and wonderful folk/indie short. It is not what we expected from Tom “Fountainhead”, but we sure are positively delighted. It’s fresh and perfectly executed. Read our review here.