News: Taylor Swift’s Trademark Bullshit / A call to arms!

Country-pop music sensation, actress, and black widow Taylor Swift just trademarked a bunch of common strings of words, even a few complete sentences so that she is the only one who can legally use them on merchandise, or in songs perhaps, according to this article.

Isn’t it kind of ironic that the very process which was created in order to make new ideas flourish, the trademark, is nowadays used by prosy gluttons in order to hinder innovation and overshadow the creators of today. I mean, come on, I bet you it didn’t take you long to come up with “Party Like It’s 1989”, “This Sick Beat” or even “Nice To Meet You. Where You Been?”, the latter being so grammatically incorrect that its author should be fined, or sued!

Anyways, it didn’t take long for musician and activist Ben Norton, of Peculate fame, to write and record an amazing and complex (as always) short song, titles and containing the only lyrics This Sick Beat™.

And just to show the absolute absurdity of Swift’s move, I declare this post a call to arms for all musician who reads this! Plug your instrument into your recording device, and create a song entitled “This Sick Beat™”, of any genre and any length, as long as its only lyrics are THIS SICK BEAT™!

And you know what? If we receive at least 10 submissions, I swear I’m going to put up a free compilation and put it on our bandcamp page.

Y’all have ’till the end of the month, February 28. Send your submissions in WAV or FLAC format to

On February 1 2015, this entry was posted.