Peach and Tomato, Form Subtract, Presence of Soul, Dr. Purgatory, Colin Hinton, and Claire Rousay

peach tomato form subtract presence soul dr purgatory colin hinton claire rousay

Peach and Tomato – The Ultimate Pairing (Falcon Gumba)

Peach and Tomato is a violin and viola contemporary classical duo. On The Ultimate Pairing, musicians Sana and Leonor exchange and dialogue in various wonderful ways, sometimes like a face-off and other times a thorough interplay where each one builds on what the other brings. It’s a surprisingly fun and enjoyable record, sure to pique your brains for a while.

Form Subtract – Autonomist

Autonomist is the strong debut EP of Philadelphia-based duo Form Subtract. They play a totally banger style of progressive metalcore with scents of nu metal and post-hardcore. Their EP is all it needs be: concise, to the point, and all killers no fillers. Oh, and it’s available for free, but consider dropping something to fund their eventual full-length!

Presence of Soul – Absence of Objective World (Abyss Gazer)

Presence of Soul is an amazing Japanese post-metal band. Absence of Objective World just came out on Abyss Gazer Records, and it’s a wonderful piece of art. The metal is on the more atmospheric side of things, but, just like the album cover, it’s dark and bleak, oppressive, and intriguing. It’s an album that perhaps does only one trick, but it does it expertly.

Dr. Purgatory – Crab Parts

Toronto indie jazz sextet Dr. Purgatory just came out with Crab Parts, a debut album in three parts, the main of which, the “Red Pony” suite, divided further into three. The band’s vision offers us a beautiful and modern collection of nu jazz, vocal jazz, and fusion jazz. At just under thirty minutes, it’s a powerful proof of concept for the band, and a taste of things to come.

Colin Hinton – Simulacra (New Focus)

Colin Hinton has already proved himself to be a spectacular percussionist and composer, but why stop there? Simulacra is his upcoming avant-garde jazz album via New Focus Recordings, which is somewhat surprising considering they usually focus on contemporary and avant-garde classical artists. But far from complaining, I admire this addition to their roster. Simulacra is an awesome collection of works, deeply confusing and labyrinthine. Wholly recommended.

Claire Rousay – T4T (No Rent)

Claire Rousay on Bandcamp
No Rent Records on Bandcamp

Claire Rousay has already been introduced on this website. Well, with T4T, the avant-garde percussionist goes further into the deconstruction of music and of the tools that make it. Is this music? Is this not music? This is the kind of questions you might be faced with, here, so be ready for that. As for me, I find it thoroughly delectable.

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