OSR: November 14th, 2015

Okazaki Fragments‘ debut EP Abandoned is a crushing deathgrind release that will make your DNA explode!

PoiL‘s last album Brossaklitt hosts some of the best experimental progressive rock out there: weird and funky!

Inverted Serenity is a progressive blackened death metal band and their album Integral is impressive!

When Wild Dingos Attack is a pretty good and full of personality band. Listen to Burn What You Love!

The bassoon is a relatively underrepresented instrument in rock and metal music, that’s why I’m glad to know that BRIAN!‘s avant math rock is prominently playing that very instrument!

Will we ever grow tired of saxophone in metal? I don’t know, but in the mean time Merkabah is an awesome experimental progressive rock band that deserves to be heard!

Meandering Mine is a wildly varied band in sound, but could be gathered under the “progressive rock” label. Don’t expect two songs to sound the same, however!

The Czechs Dreare have created one of the better post metal albums with Blank and Forward, by adding a healthy dose of drone to the recipe!

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