OSR: May 19th, 2016


Here’s the latest in music weirderie.

Yvyy‘s sonnelism, landscape blends the signature 80’s down-pitched synthesizer leads of vaporwave with the traditional elements of black metal, resulting in some sort of black vapour. It’s an interesting aesthetic that they’re after here, and they’re definitely on to something. Listen to this for the very unique sound it has.

Montreal prog is renowned for the prominence of its bassists, and here Heaven’s Cry are no different. Outcast is actually the band’s fourth full-length and continues the concept of “Wheels of Impermanence”, their last album. It’s a very well made album with some hints of Symphony X and Fates Warning, so if you’re a fan of good conceptual prog metal, check this out!

Thy Worshiper is a Polish folk black metal band, and Klechdy will be out on May 25th. In the mean time, you can listen to “Marzanna” on bandcamp. As you can hear, it has a very sombre and ritualistic atmosphere, which I like a lot! The vibe is similar throughout the album, so if you’re into that kind of stuff, grab this one!

Releasing May 27th, Bedowyn‘s Blood of the Fall is a progressive stoner metal album not too far from Mastodon’s Crack the Skye. It’s rare that stoner albums are actually any good these days, so it’s fun to listen to one that’s actually likeable.

Hardcore band Yüth Forever are releasing their redundantly-named album, Skeleton Youth Forever, on June 3rd. If you’ve ever listened to their album “Freudian Slip” (under the band name Villains), you know what to expect. For the others, it’s a very low and aggressive sound, akin to slam and downbeat in some rights, full of dissonances and schizophrenic song structures.

Cyborg Octopus are soon – tomorrow! – releasing their album, Learning to Breathe. It’s a very diverse and whacky progressive metal album with various external elements, such as chiptune on Data_M1nefield, neo-classical music on Divine Right (In D Minor), or funk on DiscoBrain! Be sure to check this one out tomorrow!

Ulcer is an old school death metal band, and Heading Below, their third album, will be out on May 25th. It’s pretty good, even for it’s lack of progressive elements and rather straightforward nature. Check it out for some overly-distorted riffs and heavy screaming.

It seems like fusing Indian Classical music with djent is an increasing popular thing to do, nowadays. On Egress Point, Indian band What Escapes Me are incorporating sarangi and sarod to their musical blend. Unfortunately, it’s only a minor and superficial incorporation, not using the much deeper background of Indian Classical music in their compositions. That being said, the compositions are really good, and the singing in particular is noteworthy. However, it’s more akin to standard djent than a fusion with Indian music. I’m still waiting for a convincing fusion of the two worlds…

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