OSR: May 16th, 2016


Show me what you got.

First of all, we need to highlight the release of Any Way the Wind Carries, on April 1st (we’re late, we know), from Port Noir. It’s a very melodic and ultimately catchy, alternative-sounding progressive metal album. Very good if you wish to have something stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

nulabee‘s New Sketch of Skyline is a very upbeat, funky electronic album. Future bass and chillwave go hand in hand, but when they are done so exquisitely, it’s heavenly!

Out on June 3rd, Reborn, by Feared, is a heavy and bleak death thrash metal album. Throw in a bit of melodeath and you got it. It’s pretty good but no track particularly grabbed my attention. A good disc to mosh to.

Born in part from Sound Asleep, the bass-heavy prog band we already covered a few times here, Ouïes is a more post-rock-oriented prog band. They released a single earlier this year, on Soundcloud, entitled Mergitur. Check it out, and hopefully they are working on some more material.

The song singled out before Here Be Dragons‘s official release, “Everything Is Going to Be OK”, had me very excited. Here, CB Murdoc play a lot with polytempo in their riffs: the guitars slow down while the drums keep steady. However, it’s the most interesting thing there is on the album. It’s not bad at all, but I expected more given the single. In the end, it’s a pretty standard, good death metal album.

Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt’s collaborative effort, the Anderson/Stolt project – which I refer to as “Anderstolt” -, will release The Invention of Knowledge on June 24th.

Experimental contemporary classical ensemble Fire! Orchestra just released their newest endeavour, Ritual. It’s a five-part piece full of aggressive classical and jazz music. It’s very experimental, progressive-sounding, and forward-thinking. I like this one a lot, and I recommend you check it out!

Deathgrind activists Kommando will release Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph, their newest EP, on June 13th. Described as “machinegun punk” and as a mix between black metal and punk, the release sounds a lot like Murder Construct material, hence the “deathgrind” term I used. It’s harsh and unforgiving, and it’s a crushing assault on the senses all throughout, I like the album very much.

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