OSR: March 9th, 2016


It’s time for a new edition of One-Sentence Reviews! Where we don’t really review the music and it actually takes more than one sentence.

First up is Marburg‘s Polemicist, a death-grind album with various influences and a focus on technical playing. It’s a pretty interesting album for fans of the genre, less brutal than Murder Construct, for example, but also more technical and diverse.

Next, Anup Sastry‘s new EP, Bloom. It’s a pretty good instrumental djent album with some electronic music and a spotlight on the drums, as Anup is the drummer for Monuments.

Then, something very interesting: Gisèle. This Montreal experimental jazz quartet’s new album, Aldo, is a collection of great math-rock-like jazz tunes with loads of odd time signatures, and a good balance of soft and more driving moments.

…From the Deep is an experimental blackened death metal band from Ottawa, Canada. Their newest EP, The Absurd Horror, is technical and relentless, and features a wild variety of harsh vocal techniques and audio experimentation.

After their acclaimed album Mantiis: An Agony in Fourteen Bites, Spain’s Obsidian Kingdom release A Year with No Summer. It’s a very decent follow-up to Mantiis, and bears a wide range of metal genres, such as black metal, post-metal and progressive metal. It releases on March 11th.

This is somewhat an oddball for us to cover, since it’s a completely electronic music album relying heavily on plunderphonics, dance rhythms and world music. Vaporwave Is Dead is Sandtimer‘s [apparently] first album, of a genre known as “hardvapour”. It’s a pretty fun concept album, and quite accessible, given its odd nature.

The Algorithm‘s new album, Brute Force, is a return to the sound of “Polymorphic Code”, which they departed from on “Octopus4”. I personally think this is a good move because I really enjoyed Polymorphic Code but not so much Octopus4. This is further reinforced with a reinterpretation of Trojans from this album. All in all, a very good electronic metal album.

Finally, Omar‘s newest EP, *2, is a really good free jazz album that is cohesive despite its intricate rhythms, well-used themes and completely unshackled drumming. Truly a wild ride!

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