Monthly Recommendations: February 2016

So, this is the ultimate reduction of what came out last month that came to our attention. We always try to listen to as many stuff as possible, but it’s practically impossible to listen to or review everything that comes out. That being said, here are the absolute best releases that came out in February, according to us!


First of all is Love Sex Machine, the ridiculously heavy and pissed off sludge doom band, and their newest full-length, Asexual Anger. It continues where their self-titled album left us, but I miss the profanity of the song titles on this one. It’s basically what you need to listen to if you want to feel crushed and asphyxiated. It’s a flawless record for it achieves all that it aims to do, but if you’re not ready, you’ll be squished.

Secondly, there’s Doom Salad‘s mind-tripping improvised math rock album. We had this to say:
“It sounds almost more like experimental jazz than math rock at this point, but the two worlds seem to coalesce into some sort of “math jazz” identity, which is how I’d describe this album, probably. I really enjoy the unchained musicality that’s really a consequence of the recording process here, being all improvisation.”
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Then, Axon-Neuron‘s prog rock double album, Metamorphosis:
“Metamorphosis is an intricate and elaborate album, heavy with the sheer amount of thoughts put into its composition. You’re treated with almost two hours of jazz- and classical music-influenced progressive rock that sometimes turns a bit metallic. It’s truly a wonderful album, where each song has its own personality but still remains under the wings of its overarching thematics and keep a certain sense of familiarity throughout. I’ve been waiting for this album for a while, and have not been disappointed the slightest despite my high expectations. I believe that anyone who likes even a bit of rock, prog, jazz or classical music will enjoy Metamorphosis, a stellar album indeed.”
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And finally, what best than Kurushimi‘s self-titled debut album to end our monthly recommendations?
“苦しみ left us with about 80 minutes of demented but organized material with this self-titled release. It is an experimental jazz metal fusion album of the highest quality, and being almost entirely improvisation only makes it more fascinating. I hope you dig this album as much as I did!”
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One comment on Monthly Recommendations: February 2016

  1. Egill Harðar says:

    Kurushimi reminds me of John Zorn’s Naked City. I’d bet they are a huge inspiration to this band..