OSR: January 31st, 2016

Some new music for the very end of January!

An Argency just released their album Through Existence, and even though this is oddly put, it’s a fantastic progressive deathcore album that’s full of various influences and genrebending. Oddly, their bandcamp page seems to not be working, now, but you can get the album through iTunes and the likes.

After their 2013 Dichotomy, Polaris comes back with The Guilt & the Grief, an angry progressive metalcore EP. If you’ve listened to Dichotomy, there’s no surprises in there, but it’s very well made and sounds really pissed off, even sometimes hinging on deathcore.

Tiberius‘s 2015 self-titled EP is an energetic prog metal release in the likes of Protest the Hero, but with a more tenor-like singer whose voice takes some getting used to, but is ultimately pretty good. I’m curious about which way the band will go, and what they’ll decide to do with that sound.

The latter half of 2015 has been the nest of my post-metal craze, and I went on to another phase now, I’m not sure which one it is yet though, but good sludgy post-metal is always welcome, and France’s Ovtrenoir just released Eroded, a rather emotional and atmospheric brick you might like very much.

Space-obsessed atmospheric black metal project Mesarthim just released the single Suffocate, a melodic and contemplative 10-minute track full of retro synths and moody lines. As their 2015 album, it’s very good and quite different than anything else.

The Black Queen… just wow! A dark retrowave/synthwave (aka darkwave) album by the singer of The Dillinger Escape Plan, and not only that, but there is absolutely no flaw to this album. I don’t know how he pulled this off, but man… You need this!

The progressive metal Dissona didn’t really impress me with their 2012 self-titled, but Paleopneumatic takes that quite a few steps up. The first track is by far the strongest on the record, but the others are all very good and show a great diversity of sounds and influences. We’re definitely in front of a more mature band this time around.

For lack of any preview online yet, here’s this tweet. Coming out February 6th, this microtonal compilation from netlabel Split-Notes is a heterogeneous bunch of non-12-EDO compositions. My favourite in there is from Brendan Byrnes, with a simple 7-EDO composition. Other tracks were of inconsistant quality, but I guess that’s the point of a compilation: take what you like, leave what you don’t. I hope this makes you discover some cool xenharmonic music once it comes out!

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