OSR: January 29th, 2016

Let’s see what the world brought us this time!

Tyler Corbett is a solo multi-instrumentist from Canada, and his latest EP, Digging the Deepest Whole, is a great and somewhat contemplative prog metal one, in the same way as David Maxim Micic’s stuff!

This Ukrainian deathcore band just released Life Imitates Art, a relatively decent, mosh-inducing heaviness. I’m sure people more into this genre than me could appreciate it better, though.

Releasing February 5th, Momentum is the second part of the Immortalist tetralogy of EPs, a very good death metal leaning on the technical side of things. Check ’em out!

Finally, something new from Toothgrinder, a crazy band doing crazy good music! Nocturnal Masquerade just came out, and I recommend you go and get it!

Danimal Cannon is a well-known chip-rocker at this point, and his next album, Lunaria, further confirms that statement. It’s full of chiptune melodies backed with heavy distorted guitars, what’s there not to like?

Blumen and With a Smile joined forces on this Banana Split EP in order to bring some upbeat jazzy progressive rock. It’s a very, very good EP that should get its own full-fledged review if I get the time!

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