OSR: December 9th, 2015

RIP Chrysalis is Eartheater‘s second full-length album, an entrancing piece of experimental electronic music.

Nono Cerchio is the side-project of two Nero di Marte members! It’s actually a more post-metal, atmospheric album, and I love it!

Sorry, that’s the only video or complete stream of a song I found online!
Hexnut is a crazy avant-garde ensemble that immediately hooked me with their two Meshuggah covers, as well as all their other insane compositions.

Tvivler‘s another band the bassist of the highly-esteemed Town Portal is in. It’s not as interesting, but it’s full of drive and aggressiveness.

From ex-members of War from a Harlot’s Mouth comes Ära Krâ, a blackened post-hardcore EP that’s pretty promising for the band!

Triptych is a semi-successful folk progressive black metal EP; there are great sections in there, but there are also some awkward ones.

Book of Sand claim to make anarchist black metal, and I think they achieved it pretty spot on; it sounds like an eclectic school orchestra where everyone wants to be the lead.

And finally, here’s Shevils‘s The White Sea, a fun hardcore album full of energy and devoid of any complexity so you can freely destroy the walls of your apartment with your hardcore dancing.

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