OSR: December 6th, 2015

Only punchlines, no introduction!

Crown Larks‘s Blood Dancer is a very fulfilling experimental “art” rock album to listen to!

I stumbled upon Akhenaten when I was writing my “Forced Fusion” post, and they’re a pretty cool black metal band with Eastern influences.

Anderwelt is an Austrian that combines post-metal, black metal, and hardcore, among other things; Schattenlichter is a pretty solid 4-part album.

Infernal Wrath is an experimental tech-death beast, and I’ve fallen in love with Inside of Me, check it out!

[Listen to some excerpts of this album on CD Baby]

Outre mesure is a French instrumental jazz fusion prog band, and their album La ligne perdue is a very good album, if a bit too tame for my tastes.

The German black metallers Tongue released an okay album with their self-titled: it’s not bad, but too traditional for me.

Hellyum is a Czech progressive death metal band with brutal and technical undertones: in short, a great discovery!

Finally, indulge in your geek nostalgia with Fixions‘s latest album, where he takes a modern retrowave take on classic video game music.

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