Novållo – Novållo EP

Novållo will be the newest addition in your music library.

Their eponymous EP of about 20 minutes will make its way into your heart and mind as you listen to it for the first, second, third (and so on) time.

Taking elements of electronica, jazz, and different metal styles and spreading them like I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! on a djent-ish foundation, Novållo could play before an Ever Forthright show and not feel out of place or be ashamed at all.

Their lead singer is definitely a strong piece in the group, because its superb and polyvalent voice is really at the forefront of the music… somewhat reminiscent of a certain Chris Barretto, don’t you think?

Riffs and drum beats are interesting enough to keep you listening through the whole record, although the typical “djent” style seem to wear on me. Polyrhythms and subdivisions of 4/4 bars into atypical time signatures. All this while being on full-automatic mode : fast and jolty.

Novållo is a band full of potential, and their debut EP will convince you of that. No doubt.

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