News: Axon-Neuron releases a new song!

Shattered is a new song from jazz, rock and metal fusionists Axon-Neuron, and their first appearance on video, too! The new singer doesn’t depart too much from the band’s previous ones and seem to be a perfect match. In Shattered the band starts it really smooth only to build up continuously and end up in a progressive metal moshfest. I have said before and I say again that this band is a premium example of extended range guitars being used out of the djent spectrum, which has more or less become a parody of itself. The 9-string axe in Axon-Neuron, which I believe has always been present since the band’s inception, is there to make a bridge between the guitars and the bass, which is pretty cool. At times it’s like having a distorted bass in the mix, and when the lead guitarist goes out to solo, for example, it still feels full because of the wide range of the instrument.

Their new album will come out later this year, as well as remixes for their two previous albums. If this song is any indication of how the new album will sound, then I am sold!