Neuromist – Move of Thought (2010)

Listen to this while you read!

Besides being known for… well, practically nothing, the Republic of Moldova can now boast for being the home of prog-death metallers Neuromist (it’s this or O-Zone).

The first thing that will hit you is the bass which is up front in the mix. That’s a really good thing to me because 1: I am a bassist, and 2: Bass is often hidden in the mix. Then, there are the weird scales (when scales are used), the often mindfuck-inducing time signature changes, the drum machine (although samples were taken from the band’s real drummer), and the inconsistent singer.

Inconsistent is a chosen word, because he can be truly good in some parts and sound quite amateur-ish in others. Mostly screaming or growling, he seldom does some singing melodies, too, and that’s not too bad, although I wouldn’t stand a complete album of him clean singing.

The bassist is just incredibly talented and varied, with the most aggressive tone I’ve ever heard. The guitars are kind of in the background mix, although they lay some nice riffs, and leads. And finally the drums are proggy as hell, and not as death metal as they could, or should be, but are interesting to listen to.

My favorite songs on the album are “Reason Crusade” and “Lost Grip”.

90/100, defenitely worth it, and it has been an inspiration for me on bass.

Neuromist bandcamp

Neuromist facebook page