Monthly Recommendations: November 2015


Here are the best of the best from this crazy month of November. Seriously, we could’ve put way more amazing albums to not miss on, but we chose the four on top.

AlarmistPopular Demain

Brimming with complexity and catchiness in equal measures, Popular Demain is an uncompromising masterwork of progressive fusion that I suspect I’ll be coming back to for a long time. Rarely do you hear such tuneful melodies amidst such deep and layered arrangements.

Instrumental (adj.)A Series of Disagreements
“A Series of Disagreements doesn’t have any fat; it’s only meat. That’s also what makes it so great. There is no note that I feel would’ve been better left out, and nowhere something could’ve been added to improve the experience. It’s a marvellous work of self-restraint and artistic focus, and will certainly deserve a spot on the best releases of the year.”
Read the full review here.

Serious BeakAnkaa
“After their wildly acclaimed debut album “Huxwhukw” back in 2011, we didn’t hear much from Australia’s psychedelic progressive band Serious Beak. I was much delighted when they announced a sophomore album under the name of Ankaa…”
Read the full review here.

Our OceansOur Oceans
“Our Oceans is a post-rock band in which Tymon (ex-Cynic) lulls us with his soothing melodic voice, which we really aren’t used to. Behind his voice and his guitar work is a silky smooth fretless bass playing jazzy lines and drums that put the emphasis on the ambient side of things: painting the background with cymbals over slow odd time signatures and polyrhythms.”
Read the full review here.

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