Atena – Shades of black won’t bring her back

In your fucking face. That is how this album will feel and that is great. Catchy grooves that are met with interesting layers and song structure bring life to this album. It just keeps you interesting in the content while giving you dynamic range to rest your ears from the typical squashed modern sound many bands seem to enjoy.

Atena seems like the kind of band that would be excellent to see live. Shouting, singing, grooves for days just make you want to shout along with the band and push everyone around you.

The production on it is a great even though it can feel a bit overproduced at time. Everything has great clarity to it and it comes across sounding great. The layers/interludes and how well they fit makes this such a relaxing album which is odd considering how aggressive it can get.

Also the clean vocals get over the top sometimes and it is awesome!

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