Monthly Recommendations: July 2016

July was a great month full of good music so here’s the best of the best!
“Thank You Scientist are finally releasing their long-awaited third album, Stranger Heads Prevail, and it more than meets the expectations! I’ve been a fan of the band for a while, but their sound always begun to annoy me after a while, but this hasn’t happened yet with their new record! “Maps of Non-Existent Places” was a stellar album, but I think “Stranger Heads Prevail” surpasses it in every way. The songs seem more cautiously constructed, and all the elements of the band work together without stepping on anyone else. It’s a fantastic album to which you must absolutely listen.”
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“Boundaries is the new one-track album from The Night Watch, a non-Game-of-Thrones-themed post-progressive rock band. This is a thirty-six-minute track that goes pretty much all around the spectrum of progressive rock. The band can count on a full-time violinist, which immediately made me think about Indukti and how it’s been so long since their last album and why aren’t they releasing a new album oh my god, but the end result is very different. I think they really are a name to watch out for, and thanks to Heavy Blog Is Heavy for initially finding that one!”
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“His last album, Crux, was already sweet and tasty, but this new one – as you can taste with the single “The Villi People” – is on a whole new level. All throughout the rather contemplative album, you’re thrown music in the styles of classical, jazz, and progressive rock. It’s an astonishing atmospheric progressive rock album that I totally recommend!”
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“I feel they really stepped up the vocals on this one, as they felt a bit weak on their previous. The musicianship and songcrafting is still on point, and I can’t wait to listen to it again, more focused.”
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