Monthly Recommendations: December 2016

There we go, one last set of monthly recommendations to end the year on a high note!

‘Japanese math-pop band Jyocho just released their first album, 祈りでは届かない距離 (A Prayer in Vain). It has a very strong indie-folk feel, but is enhanced by the presence of a flute. A friend commented that it sounds just like Uchu Conbini and The Perfect Sports – which it does! -, so I guess that means I also have to check out these wonderful bands. This album is quite captivating, thanks to the very capable musicians behind the scenes. It’s a bit difficult to get your hands on it, if you’re outside of Japan, but it’s worth the hassle!’
Mini-reviews XXXIX.
‘Bulldada has been my dada for the weekend. I’ve listened to Bulldada’s Tavern countless times, in just two days. The project includes members of defunct math jazz band Father Figure†, so I knew from the start that this was going to be a winner. The style is starkly different, if only for the fact that Bulldada has a singer. The high-pitched voice has hints of soul music to it, complementing rather flawlessly the progressive psychedelia compositions that are also dangerously nearing perfection! It’s truly something, and something to which I demand you listen.’
Mini-reviews XXXVII.
‘Leper Print is a plunderphonics-based dance music project taking its musical samples from metal and rock music. De minimis just came out, on the twelfth, and, according to this video, the recording process behind the album looks awesome. I don’t know which songs the samples come from, but there’s perhaps a hint in song titles, like ‘Ghost B.S.’. Anyways, it’s a truly outstanding, one-of-a-kind, harsh EDM album.’
Mini-reviews XLI.
‘Autocatalytica is brewing some amazing avant-garde deathgrind. Vicissitudes – which is also available in instrumental – is the group’s sophomore full-length, and they reached a level of magnificence that’s just grossly incandescent. This album has tons of character as well, and that’s thanks to the very unique vocals that are laid on it. Maybe they won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but, if you like them, you’re in for a wild ride. It’s just a mind-blowing experience!’
Mini-reviews XLVI.

Honourable Mentions
‘Travis Orbin is a musician I highly respect. From his role in many bands as a full-time member or a session drummer to his set of solo compositions, the result is always excellent! Finite is an artistic exercise in self-limitation. The six pieces here are written strictly for a quartet of drums, bass, viola, and violin. The end result is a highly engrossing and unique experimental math metal EP where the drum-and-bass foundation is embellished by organic and amplified strings. Yet another magnificent EP, signed Travis Orbin.’
Mini-reviews XLIII.
‘Nitkowski is a strange beast. Effortless Charm is just like an upside-down version of today’s math rock scene. Instead of being bright and consonant, like CHON, for example, it thrives on dissonance and unease. This only makes it that much more interesting. The album has a sort of grunge carelessness that adds to its [effortless] charm, and is downright hypnotic to listen to. It’s an interesting album that will get many of my hours.’
Mini-reviews XLVI.
‘After trolling everyone with a release date on which the album did not come, Alaskan black metal band Arria Paetus will release their self-titled debut on December third, although it’s streaming in full on their bandcamp page. The raw production enshrouds the album in a sort of mystical aura that is almost always a boon in black metal. It’s a good forty-three minutes of oppressive and cold black metal that will rejoice the fans of the genre. It’s a gem.’
Mini-reviews XXXIV.

‘French electro-djent project A.I.(d) just released Alchemy, and it’s massive! At over one hour and thirty minutes, you’ll get more than enough technical, brutal, fast, intricate and ambient djent. The sound and playing style is somewhat reminiscent of 24192 – for those who remember that! -, which is a compliment in and of itself, but more detailed and also more productive. You can download Alchemy for free here.’
Mini-reviews XLIV.
‘Norwegian guitarist Owane just released Dunno, his debut album. Greatest Hits was a promising EP, but Dunno fully explores the musician’s potential. Including elements of drum ‘n’ bass and jazz into his own melodic instrumental prog. I particularly enjoy the piano and keyboards on the album, the piano solo on ‘Nocturia’, for example, is excellent!’
Mini-reviews XLII.
‘Decipher is a band from Luxembourg. They’re releasing Intuition, their debut album, on the sixteenth of this month. The thirty-six-minute atmospheric progressive death metal album is really worth your time! Conceptually, it’s about self-discovery through an alchemical potion and a spiritual awakening. The tracks themselves range from pretty brutal, like ‘Liquid Pain’, to very melodic and atmospheric, as in ‘Soulbound’. I really recommend this album!’
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