EXCLUSIVE SONG PREMIERE: Auri – Regressions of the Seeker and Vision

Auri is the name of the atmospheric dissonant black metal project of drummer and multi-instrumentalist Sol Sinclair, which has grown and developed under secrecy for years. That’s until now! ‘Regressions of the Seeker and Vision’ is the second track off of Auri’s debut album, The Crown of Doubt, a twenty-eight-minute EP unleashing the forces of evil upon you. The first and last tracks are examples of their more atmospheric sound – and they are nothing to sleep on either -, while the core of the EP consists of fifteen minutes of in-your-faceism.

Diminished and minor intervals clash against each others atop a raw and powerful blast beat until the vocals start and the momentum dips slightly. The flow of the track is pretty much perfect. It moves forward with deterministic passion and fervour. It’s honestly a very special and unique offering that represents the greater picture that is The Crown of Doubt, which I already called a very early contender for 2017’s album of the year.

The album comes out tomorrow, January first, and will be available on Auri’s bandcamp page.

On December 31 2016, this entry was posted.