Monthly Recommendations:
August 2018

Convulsing – Grievous

Grievous is an expectedly fantastic release, maintaining Convulsing at the top of the sphere of dissonant death metal.

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Flora – Flora

The compositions of Flora Dekkers, albeit minimalistic in instrumentation, show a deepness and hidden complexity in the synthesizers and structures.

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Jackie Frank Russell III – I’m So Fucking Lonely

I’m So Fucking Lonely is at times aggressive (Likeme), at times ethereally contemplative (I’m So Fucking Lonely), and at times viciously catchy (V I B E), but at all times it’s a total pleasure.

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Masada – Book Three: The Book Ber’iah

Eleven discs, eleven bands, over one hundred tracks, and a wide selection of genres… That’s the latest book of John Zorn’s Masada œuvre, and it’s here for a reason…

Review under way.

Honourable Mentions

Autumn Creatures – Funeral Garden

Bollywood – Bollywood

Facegrinder – Kugelblitz

The Key to Nchuandzel – N’gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!

Palm – To Live Is to Die, to Die Is to Live

Zevious – Lowlands

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