Moebius – Hybris

The Italian progressive metal quintet Moebius are preparing for the release of their debut album, Hybris, on 20 October. To do so, they’ve sent me an early copy of it, and I liked it enough to write about it! Yes, Hybris is an almost hourlong concept album on metals and minerals, it seems. It starts off interestingly with the track numbered “00” – “Inflection II” –, which is a didgeridoo and percussions jam, but the rock starts with “Obsidian”. Between groove metal and progressive death metal, the rest of Hybris impresses. The band’s music puts a lot of emphasis on building atmospheres of different kind, but never letting go the heavy riffs and ingenious song structures that truly are the foundations of their sound and music. The drumming on the record is perhaps the most stunning out of all the instruments: its creative rhythmic modulations make sure the songs never stagnate over one singular rhythmic for too long, and the beats are often jaw-dropping, with perhaps my favourite part being the bell cymbals heard sparingly throughout. Yup, Hybris is a very good album and a memorable debut for Moebius.


An advanced digital copy of the album was sent to us.