Maeth – Whaling Village

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Progressive stoner metal band Maeth has already wooed us with their previous album, Shrouded Mountain, which is exactly the kind of music I wanted stoner metal to be. Out of apparently nowhere, they released what is to be their last album, due to band members moving out: Whaling Village.

Adding to their already impressive sonic quality, this newcomer brings new aspects of the band’s sound to life, while keeping the things I liked the most well anchored. For example, the use of various bell cymbals, although somewhat shier than before, is still present and I still love it! Maeth’s atmospheric, contemplative take on the genre is also still there, and perhaps even more so than ever. The three songs paint a single, massive tapestry, flowing into one another and concatenating into “Everything is an orchid, 1609, but I am shafts of light.” The meaning of which is still obfuscated to me.

I already adored Maeth, so it was an easy sell for me. If you didn’t know the band already, I highly suggest you take a listen to this album, or the previous one, or any one for that matter! I bet you’ll have a great time.

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