Lingua Nada – Snuff

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Leipzig-bound Lingua Nada just put out their fifth release, Snuff; an eccentric, energetic album that takes elements from shoegaze, surf rock, post-hardcore, and noise rock, and blends them all together into a palatable musical paste. This full-length album sends similar flavours to the then-peerless Brooklyn band Sheen Marina, who were a favourite of mine, last year. Lingua Nada perhaps go farther than them in terms of harshness, sprinkled here and there throughout the ten tracks on Snuff, but this only works in their favour, as every time they do it feels like a really cathartic explosion that’s been waiting to happen for a long time.

Call it experimental rock, or post-hardcore, or noise pop, or whatever else, but this is a genuinely awesome experience that you shan’t miss for any reason whatsoever. Get on in, and enjoy the outwardly idiosyncrasies of Lingua Nada!

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Sheen Marina
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