Lingua nada, Kodian Trio, Shwesmo, Threnody, Essi, and Car Bomb

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Lingua nada – Djinn

Noise rock band Lingua nada are back, this time donning the stylized name لينغوا ذدى. Comparing this new opus to their last one, Snuff, it seems a bit more on the accessible side of the spectrum, but it ultimately sounds like an alt-rock or pop group going straight into psychedelic and experimental sounds, which is mighty fine by me. Djinn is varied and surprising in a lot of ways, full of effects and cool compositional devices. Totally recommend that album for those looking into weird pop rock music.

Kodian Trio – III (Trost)

Kodian Trio is here again with the third instalment of its utterly monstrous improvisation. I’ve already mouthed how disconcerning the trio sounded like, and it’s much the same thing here. The three musicians are at the top of their art and their synergy is totally out of this world.

Shwesmo & Yogev Gabay – Binary Farm

Guitarist and composer Yoel Genin and drummer Yogev Gabay, both of Hago fame, are back with Yoel’s new project, Shwesmo. Binary Farm is the band’s debut EP, and, while essentially different from Hago, retains much similar vibes due to Yoel’s own personal writing style. Shwesmo is more directed at a fusion of jazzy progressive metal or djent with electronic music. Thus, Binary Farm uses sound excerpts from various videos as what seems like the basis of their compositions, which are then complemented with multiple electronic instrument layers. That’s a fantastic EP; very impressive and rewarding.

Threnody – A Paradigm of Suspicion (Trost)

A Paradigm of Suspicion is the newest album of the Threnody trio, made up of saxophonist Martin Küchen, bassist Johna Berthling, and drummer Steve Noble. This is almost an hour of freely improvised jazz split up into four tracks. All throughout A Paradigm of Suspicion, you can sense the chemistry and purpose of the three musicians together, making for a memorable and remarkable experience. Be certain to give it a shot!

Essi – Vital Creatures (Ramp Local)

Avant-garde jazz guitarist Jessica Ackerley does not limit herself to one genre. In Essi, with drummer Rick Daniel, she explores the worlds of noise and experimental rock with a healthy dose of punk energy. Vital Creatures is a necessary addition to everyone’s library. With all its experiments in sound, timbre, harmony, and structure, it is indeed a vital listen.

Car Bomb – Mordial

Car Bomb never cease to reassert their dominance on the mathcore-djent scene, ever since their debut Centralia. Mordial doesn’t aim to change a winning formula, but does tweak it a tiny bit. There’s definitely a fair amount of melodic singing on this record, more than I can recall on previous releases, but it adds a welcome breath of fresh air and diversity to the band’s sound, and something to contrast with the spastic chugs, programmed guitar sounds, and blast beats. Definitely one of their best, if you ask me!

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