Les chants du hasard – Les chants du hasard

Les chants du hasard is a mysterious solitary project from France that’s throwing the traditional metal instruments by the window in favour of a completely orchestral work. The classical instruments are joined by the delirious voice of the so-called Hazard, only soul behind the ambitious project. The synthetic orchestra is convincing enough, except a rare few occasions where their electronic nature pierces through; the main culprits are the percussions. Easily disregarded, this minor detail should not obscure the whole work, because missing such a grandiose piece would be detrimental to you only! The texts are written in French prose and delivered as in a sort of maniacal opera. Each part deals with an existential concept with which the protagonist gets annoyed. In the end, Les chants du hasard proves to be really a unique experience that is well worth your time. Although the essence of black metal has been diluted perhaps a little too much, this noire opéra is truly amazing. For the future of the project, I would highly recommend recording with live musicians. This will give the composer a greater flexibility in terms of possibilities, as well as a much better sound overall. This album comes out on June 23, be ready!

A press copy of the album was used for this review.