Kucoshka, The Sound that Ends Creation, Shades of Scorpius, Zeta, Le Grand Sbam, and Acre

kucoshka sound ends creation shades scorpius zeta grand sbam acre

Kucoshka – Women and Police Everywhere

I’ve been following the strange peregrinations of Atlanta band Kucoshka since their Rad Tantrum album, and their newest one is the epitomization of their endeavours. The almost fifty-minute effort gives plenty of banger riffs and trailblazing moments. Definitely a must for you mathcore addicts.

The Sound that Ends Creation – Music Designed to Give You Ideas… In Case You Should Run Out of Ideas

Texas one-man band The Sound that Ends Creation is back with a new mathgrind opus. Music Designed to Give You Ideas… In Case You Should Run Out of Ideas is a twenty-minute record of atomized riffs thrown in a state of quantum juxtaposition. This doesn’t make physical sense; it’s just a fancy way of saying this is a riff salad, a good one! If you’re looking for something in the sonic vicinity of Second Grade Knife Fight and The Cheeseburger Picnic and such, this is straight up that alley!

Shades of Scorpius – Dungeon Master

Shades of Scorpius is one of the many facets of Lee Hutzulak, who plays here keyboards and electronics alongside J. P. Carter on trumpet, Giorgio Magnanensi on keyboards and electronics too, and Kenton Loewen on percussion. Dungeon Master is a live-recorded improvised experimental jazz session, and it’s one hell of a ride! The two tracks lay down almost an hour of material that dive in different directions. It’s a brilliant performance, so be sure to give it a shot!

Zeta – Mochima

Venezuelian mathy post-hardcore band Zeta just released Mochima. The band’s sound explores math and noise rock with a strong anchor in post-hardcore and a deep influence of Latin rhythms and music. This must draw comparisons to The Mars Volta regarding the riffs and rhythms, but they end right there. This is no TMV2.0, and it’s perfect this way. Zeta plays its own kind of punkish post-hardcore that must be appreciated on its own. Definitely check them out!

Le Grand Sbam – Vaisseau monde (Dur et Doux)

You want it short?: Le Grand Sbam is basically Poil orchestra.

You want it a bit longer?: Vaisseau monde is an avant-prog gem featuring the core members of Poil plus singers Jessica Maresco and Marie Nachury, vibraphonist Mélissa Acchiardi, as well as a whole classical ensemble. The result is an absolutely mind-blowing progfest that will definitely be one of the most insane and best albums of 2019! Mandatory listen, or else it’s the goulag!

Acre – Different Constellation (Aut)

Acre is an improvising electro-acoustic trio—here joined by Ludovica Manzo on vocals—from Italy. Different Constellation is an album that stems from 2017 performances that are just now put to disc. In typical electro-acoustic free improvisation fashion—just like the Ensemble Iléa I mentioned last time—the band merges acoustic timbers with electronic sounds and effects in order to create totally novel sounds, that hopefully have never before been created. Well, I believe this has been achieved here thanks to the outstanding musicianship and creativity of all involved. Hop in and enjoy the sounds!

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