June in 130 Albums

Saturday, 1 June

The Air of Hiroshima – Китч (Kitč) [EP] (post-hardcore)

Yekaterinburg, Russia
On Sadday Agency

Feat. Esserelà – Disco Dooro (progressive rock, avant-prog)

Bologna, Italy
On Lizard

Fools and Foes – Fools and Foes (alternative rock)

Manila, Philippines
On A Spur of the Moment Project

Garden Quartet – Garden Quartet (world fusion)

Melbourne, Australia
On Bleeemo Music

Hell Is Other People and My Lonely Sea [Split] (post-black metal)

Ontario / Russia

Tenchio – 004 Sigh​-​TM Stutter [EP] (math rock, post-rock)

Paysandú, Uruguay

Sunday, 2

Alex Fournier Sextet – Triio (modern jazz, free jazz)

Toronto, Ontario
On Furniture Music

Andys Skordis – In… Se… (Gamelan, opera)

On Insitu

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Bitter Lake – New Branches on Old Trees (avant-garde metal)

Scotland, UK

The Pen Club – Data Retrieval (experimental jazz, free jazz)

Sydney, Australia
On Eupcaccia

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Monday, 3

As You Hear – Four Seasonings (free jazz)

London, UK
On Fundacja Słuchaj

Nobject – X-Rayed (free jazz)

Łódź, Poland
On Fundacja Słuchaj

Paula Shocron & Pablo Díaz with Guillermo Gregorio – Diálogos (experimental jazz)

New York, New York
On Fundacja Słuchaj

Tuesday, 4

Goblin Hovel – Nothing like Our Fantasy [EP] (folk metal, folk)

United States

Toehider – Concerning Lix & Fairs, and Other Cooked Stories (progressive rock)

Melbourne, Australia


Uboa & Bolt Gun [Split] (noise, experimental metal)

On Uboa

Wednesday, 5

Captain Avery & the Cosmic Triceratops of Intergalactic Peace – Building Walls [EP] (world fusion, rock)

Sheffield, UK

Lite – Multiple (math rock, jazz fusion)

Tokyo, Japan
On Topshelf

Thursday, 6

Skáphe + Wormlust – Kosmískur hryllingur (avant-garde black metal)

USA / Iceland
On Mystískaos

Synestet – Les usures (jazz fusion)

Paris, France

Friday, 7

Aurora – A Different Kind of Human: Step Ⅱ (synth pop, art pop)

On Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC

Brandee Younger – Soul Awakening (jazz fusion, jazz-hop)

New York, New York

Buy Jupiter – Eclipse [EP] (progressive metalcore)

Lyon, France
On Apathia

Chon – Chon (alternative rock)

Oceanside, California
On Sumerian

EABS – Slavic Spirits (modern jazz, jazz fusion)

Wrocław, Poland
On Astigmatic

Flub – Flub [EP] (progressive death metal)

Sacramento, California
On The Artisan Era

Les funktionnaires – 2034 (funk, psychedelic rock)

Montréal, Québec

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Holy Grinder – Chain of Revenge [EP] (grindcore, powerviolence)

Toronto, Ontario

잠비나이 (Jambinai) – 온다 (Onda) (world fusion, post-rock)

Seoul, South Korea
On Bella Union

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Møl – I​/​Ⅱ [EP] (blackgaze)

Aarhus, Denmark
On Holy Roar

Philipp Gropper’s Philm – Consequences (avant-garde jazz)

Berlin, Germany
On Why Play Jazz

The Resonance Project – The Resonance Project (progressive metal, jazz fusion)

Los Angeles, California

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Unya – Unya (jazz fusion, pop rock)

On Eclipse Music Official Store

Saturday, 8

Brekky Boy – Sagarmatha [EP] (modern jazz)

Sydney, Australia
On Lard

Moon Letters – Until They Feel the Sun (progressive rock)

Seattle, Washington

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Monday, 10

Shwesmo – “Son of Tigris” [Single] (world fusion, dubstep)

New York, New York

Tuesday, 11

Andrew Huang – Synth City [EP] (synthwave, experimental electro)

Toronto, Ontario

Painted Worlds – Oh, the Places You Won’t Go (experimental math rock, post-hardcore)


Tim Daisy – New Works for Solo Percussion (contemporary classical, free improv)

Chicago, Illinois
On Relay

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Wednesday, 12

Ben Hall & Don Dietrich – Tiger Swallow Tail (free jazz, noise)

United States
On Radical Documents

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Þ (Thorn) – Doves (avant-garde black metal, noise)


Thursday, 13

Drummond – In Sand [EP] (jazz fusion, progressive rock)

New York, New York

Hirveä – Tuska ja pakokauhu (atmospheric doom metal)

On Dying Sun

Helen Svoboda’s Sprout – Sleep Architecture [EP] (chamber music, jazz fusion)

Brisbane, Australia
On Green Chimneys

Necronomidol – Scions of the Blasted Heath [EP] (darkwave, black metal)

Tokyo, Japan

Friday, 14

Anat Cohen Tentet – Triple Helix (jazz fusion)

New York, New York
On Anzic

Baroness – Gold & Grey (stoner metal)

Savannah, Georgia
On Relapse

The Biology of Plants – Volume 2 (nu jazz)

Brisbane, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

Claire Rousay – Aerophobia (free improv)

San Antonio, Texas
On Astral Spirits

Duett – Version [EP] (synthwave)

London, UK

Elliott Sharp – Plastový hrad (contemporary classical)

New York
On Infrequent Seams

Enablers – Zones (experimental post-rock)

United States
On Broken Clover

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Ensamble Peripecia – Cataclismo (experimental post-rock)


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Fabian Almazan Trio – This Land Abounds with Life [2-disc] (jazz fusion, Latin jazz)

New York, New York
On Biophilia

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Eric Hofbauer’s Five Agents – Book of Water (avant-garde jazz, free jazz)

Boston, Massachusetts

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Friendship – Undercurrent [EP] (powerviolence)

Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Gordon Beeferman, Anders Nilsson, and Ches Smith – Organ Trio (progressive rock, free jazz)

New York, New York
On Minor Amusements

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A Half with Tinnitus – A Half with Tinnitus (free improv, noise)

Montréal, Québec
On Arachnidiscs

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Hide – “Girl on Girl” [Single] (darkwave, industrial)

Chicago, Illinois
On Sub Pop

Imelda Marcos – Tatlo (math rock, noise rock)

Chicago, Illinois
On Already Dead Tapes

Jacques Kuba Séguin – Migrations (jazz fusion)

Montréal, Québec
On Odd Sound

Markus Reuter – Monde, volume 2 (ambient)

Berlin, Germany
On Iapetus

Neal Morse – Jesus Christ: The Exorcist [2-disc] (progressive rock)

On Radiant

박지하 (Park Jiha) – Philos (world fusion)

South Korea
On Glitterbeat

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The Pneumatic Transit – Chordae tendineae (progressive rock, jazz fusion)

Chicago, Illinois

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Rodrigo Amado & Chris Corsano – No Place to Fall (free jazz)

Lisbon, Portugal
On Astral Spirits

Serpent of Gnosis – As I Drink from the Infinite Well of Inebriation [EP] (deathgrind)

Boston, Massachusetts
On 1126

Thank You Scientist – Terraformer [2-disc] (progressive rock)

Montclair, New Jersey
On Evil Ink

Þ (Thorn) – Doves Ⅱ (avant-garde black metal, noise)


Vena cava – Coalesce [EP] (progressive metal)

Lexington, Kentucky

Saturday, 15

The Abyss inside Us – Earth Two (post-rock)

Athens, Greece

嶋川堅太 (Kenta Shimakawa) – グリンプス (Glimpse) (progressive metal, jazz fusion)

New York, New York

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Sunstitutor – 蘇神 (Yomigami) [EP] (experimental electro)

Portland, Oregon

Sunday, 16

Dreare & Izanasz – Portaali (drone, post-metal)


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Quartet X – Quartet X (free jazz)

Moscow, Russia
On Utopia

Monday, 17

The 8-Bit Big Band – Choose Your Character! (jazz fusion, video game music)

New York, New York

Meatshell – Afar (experimental folk, world fusion)

Brisbane, Australia
On Made Now Music

Tuesday, 18

Anup Sastry – Illuminate (djent, progressive metal)

Frederick, Maryland

Gambo – Au! [EP] (math rock)

Hermosillo, Mexico

Gerbo – Barnizarlo todo (experimental jazz, free jazz)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wednesday, 19

Khanъ (Khana) – Отвори очи (Otvori ochi) [EP] (folk, mathcore)

София (Sofiya), Bulgaria

Thursday, 20

Cervidea – Macropinna microstoma [EP] (progressive rock, mathcore)

Montréal, Québec

Present and Whereas [Split] (avant-prog, experimental rock)

Los Angeles, California
On Clandestine Ritual

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Friday, 21

Abyssal – A Beacon in the Husk (blackened death metal)

On Profound Lore

高瀬アキ (Aki Takase) – 北斎 (Hokusai) (modern jazz, free jazz)

Berlin, Germany
On Intakt

Bedouine – Bird Songs of a Killjoy (indie folk)

Los Angeles, California
On Spacebomb LLC

Black Midi – Schlagenheim (experimental rock, noise rock)

London, UK
On Rough Trade

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Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze – Offerings of Flesh and Gold (atmospheric black metal, post-metal)


The Callous Daoboys – Die on Mars (mathcore)

Atlanta, Georgia
On Dark Trail

Chronologist – Solstice I [EP] (progressive metalcore)

Austin, Texas

Flesh of the Stars – Mercy (doom metal, post-metal)

Chicago, Illinois

Gisèle – Gaston [EP] (experimental jazz)

Montréal, Québec

Howling Sycamore – Seven Pathways to Annihilation (progressive metal, thrash metal)

San Francisco, California
On Prosthetic

Jonny Mansfield – Elftet (jazz fusion, modern jazz)

London, UK
On Edition

Milton Man Gogh – How to Be Big and Small (at the Same Time) (jazz fusion)

Brisbane, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

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Mindspeak – Eclipse Chaser (progressive rock)

Vienna, Austria

The Odious – Vesica piscis (progressive death metal)

Portland, Oregon

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Some Became Hollow Tubes – Keep It in the Ground (drone, post-metal)

On Gizeh

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Timo Andres – Work Songs [EP] (jazz fusion, contemporary classical)

New York
On New Amsterdam

Unconstant Motion – Solstice (progressive metal)

Lyon, France

Saturday, 22

Human – Alizarin Refraction (technical death metal)

Adria, Italy

Sunday, 23

Foi – A Moment in Time [EP] (progressive metal)

Bengaluru, India

Spichard Rencer – Ghosts [EP] (grindcore, powerviolence)

Tampa, Florida

Monday, 24

Jazztick – Jazztikong Country “Jazzpie’s Rescue” (jazz fusion, video game music)

Santiago, Chile

Monarque – Jusqu’à la mort (black metal)

On Sepulchral

Tuesday, 25

The Haters & Sissy Spacek – Multifactorial Dynamic Pathways (experimental metal, noise, grindcore)

Los Angeles, California
On Helicopter

Hijokaidan and Sissy Spacek – Entropic [Split] (experimental metal, noise, grindcore)

Los Angeles, California
On Helicopter

Sissy Spacek & Smegma – Ballast (experimental metal, noise, grindcore)

Los Angeles, California
On Helicopter

Uboa & Solus Varak – The Absolute (noise, experimental metal)


Thursday, 27

Andrzej Kowalski Quartet – Abstrakt (jazz fusion)

Warsaw, Poland

Friday, 28

The Aristocrats – You Know What…? (progressive rock, jazz fusion)

On Boing!

Carey – The Driver (jazz fusion)

Atlanta, Georgia
On Alredy Dead Tapes

Christina Dahl Quartet – Quintesse (avant-garde jazz)

On Storyville

A Constant Knowledge of Death – Volume Ⅲ​b: Cognitive Predation (progressive metal)

Long Beach, California

Exoterm – Exits into a Corridor (modern jazz)

Oslo, Norway
On Hubro

The Jamie Saft Quartet – Hidden Corners (jazz fusion)

Kingston, New York
On Rare Noise

John Zorn – Nove cantici per Francesco D’Assisi (chamber music)

New York, New York
On Tzadik

Label page

灰野敬二 (Keiji Haino) & Sumac – ほんの少しだけでいいから「償い」をチャージし繋げてくれ少しは良くしようを接続して (Hon’nosukoshidakede īkara `tsugunai’ o chāji shi tsunagete kure sukoshi wa yoku shiyou o setsuzoku shite) / Even for Just the Briefest Moment, Keep Charging This “Expiation”, Plug In to Making It Slightly Better (experimental post-metal, noise)

Japan / USA
On Trost

LFant – LFant (avant-garde progressive rock)

Lyon, France
On Dur et doux

Magma – Zëss : Le jour du néant (psychedelic rock, zeuhl)

On Seventh

Makeunder – Pale Cicada (experimental rock, funk, R&B)

Oakland, California
On Good Eye

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Needle Play – Cruel Spring (mathcore)

Boston, Massachusetts

Olaf Rupp, Kasper Tom, and Rudi Mahall – Olaf Rupp, Kasper Tom, and Rudi Mahall (free jazz)

Copenhagen, Denmark
On Barefoot

Peasant – Unrest Eternal [EP] (hardcore, metalcore)

Cape Town, South Africa
On Roastin’

Poppy – Choke [EP] (alternative pop)

United States
On Mad Decent

Red Kite – Red Kite (jazz fusion)

London, UK
On Rare Noise

Rex Means King – Semantics [EP] (math rock)

Oakland, California

Sean Ali, Leila Bordreuil, and Joanna Mattrey – I Used to Sing So Lyrical (free improv, chamber music)

Brooklyn, New York
On Astral Spirits

Those Darn Gnomes – Calling Whitetails to a Tuned Bow (avant-garde death metal)

San Diego, California
On Nefarious Industries

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Yellow Eyes – Rare Field Ceiling (experimental black metal)

New York, New York
On Gilead Media

Saturday, 29

Nick Mazzarella Trio – Counterbalance (modern jazz, free jazz)

Chicago, Illinois
On Astral Spirits

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Volk You – L’odeur des foins que l’on fauche (jazz fusion, electro-jazz)

Roanne, France

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