Hardcore Anal Hydrogen – Hypercut

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The Monégasque duo known as Hardcore Anal Hydrogen just released their fourth album, under the Hypercut title. I wasn’t enthralled by any of their previous output, but I might have to reconsider, given that this one tickles my fancy! The HAH duo delivers more than forty minutes of experimental death metal that lies somewhere between the breakcore of Igorrr (which I still can’t stand) and the cybergrind of Psudoku (which I adore!) Hypercut is filled with inhuman shredding (both figuratively and literally), glitch aesthetics, genre-hopping sections, and distorted, high-pitched harsh vocals. You know, I don’t really get Igorrr because its so-called weirdness is foreseeable and generic, but HAH managed to get a few raised eyebrows out of me (a rare sight). This bridge with Psudoku-like cybergrind is, however, something that is totally welcome and brings in just the right amount of spiciness to the plate. Be sure to check this one out!

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