fulusu – Old House #1

Most of my exposure to Japanese rock (j-rock) has been through Anime theme songs, but it’s a genre I’ve dipped further into from time to time when an Anime theme has really grabbed me, especially with bands like The Pillows, Flow, Nico Touches The Walls, Veltpunch, and Maximum The Hormone. So when I saw this promo for fulusu’s debut American release Old House 1, it totally piqued my interest. This album starts out with some ambient noise on ‘Ra’ that continues into second track ‘Consideration: Rain’ and abruptly ends to reveal the melodic j-rock underneath. Some of these songs have been released on earlier EPs, including ‘Only Three Seconds’ featured above, but this is the first full album by the band. Fulusu blends the j-rock style of which I’m familiar, with some well executed post-rock. Although I can’t understand the Japanese lyrics (the track ‘Maze’ has some English vocals), I can appreciate the musicianship. If you’re like me and are nostalgic for some good classic j-rock but want something with more substance, then this will surely satisfy.

A press copy of the album was used for this review.

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