Facegrinder – Kugelblitz

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If the name itself of the band—Facegrinder, Face. Grinder. GRINDER OF FACES—doesn’t invoke visceral sentiments, or if the album’s title, Kugelblitz—a black hole made of pure energy—, doesn’t resonate with higher orbital levels, then let the music speak for itself. The Perthbound deathgrind trio just released one of the big titles for today’s grinding repertoire.

The band’s sound is harsh, raw-sounding; thanks, in part, to the absence of a bass guitar to the mix, giving the wall of sound a razor sharp quality that often is a hallmark of grindcore as a genre. Then, there’s the unstoppable force behind the drumkit: blast beats and gravity blasts and pounding drums make sure that your ride is a bumpy one. Finally, the one bringing the most “death” influences over is singer and guitarist Ewza, with deep gutturals and astronomical lyrics.

Here come the inevitable comparisons with Spain’s Wormed. Space-themed grind is too few populated a genre to avoid such parallel-drawing activities, but the Australian grinders come out of them unscratched. The fact is that the two bands have two very different approaches towards a similar vision. Phlegeton’s chthonic growls are unmatched, but Facegrinder’s music is grindier; Wormed’s is deathier. Both are awesome. Oh, and then there’s Gigan…

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