Journal – “Duplicitous Moonlight”

Over eight years after the release of their life-altering concept album Unlorja, Sacramento-based progressive mathcore band Journal will release Chrysalis ordalias. The album promises to be a new take on the hectic Journal sound, and here’s a new song, “Duplicitous Moonlight”, to prove it.

The album will be released on July 17th, and can be pre-ordered on their bandcamp page. Of course, I bought the edition that comes with the 160-page book detailing the story behind Chrysalis ordalias, and I encourage you do the same!

Journal are one of the most insane and technical bands out there, and, on Chrysalis ordalias, their lead guitarist took on vocal duties as well as keeping his role as master shredman. They also put out some of the most energetic sets on stage, so be sure to go and see them if you have the opportunity!

While waiting for July 17, listen to “Duplicitous Moonlight” and the already-available title track “Chrysalis ordalias” on bandcamp!

On June 19 2018, this entry was posted.