EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Stream Ground Patrol’s Mathematical Debut Album, Drift

Oh, Art as Catharsis, it’s not the first time we praise you and undress our hearts to your fascinating gift for finding jaw-dropping new music from the island-continent of Australia. We can continue to deny we are total fanboys by arguing that it’s the first time we do so this month, but we know everybody sees through us and the lies we tell ourselves. Well, until Lachlan and AAC starts to disappoint us, we will continue to praise the label’s merits and its amazing roster. This time, it’s an Australian-American band: Sydney’s and New York’s Ground Patrol. They are a guitar and drums duo playing polyrhythmic instrumental progressive rock compositions that also plays with post-rock aesthetics and looping pedals. The four songs on Drift cover almost forty minutes of minimalistic math rock, and, given the quality of it, we are left asking for more. The interplay between the two musicians is very organic and the entrancing rhythms are intellectual and executed with clockwork precision. I suggest you watch the video for the opening, title track to see how each successive guitar layer is recorded and looped on the spot, on top of an ever-evolving drumbeat. Drift is an amazing album, and it comes out on 3 November through Art as Catharsis.