EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Ilevens – “Transmitter”

Ilevens is the latest brainchild of microtonal musician Brendan Byrnes, of whom we’ve already praised the projects here on this website, and Transmitter is their debut EP. The concept of Ilevens, formerly known as 11ins, was to form a full microtonal pop/rock band, and the chosen system was 22 equal divisions of the octave. After many demos, under both the 11ins and Ilevens monikers, Transmitter is ready, with two brand new compositions – “Solavai” and “Transmitter” – and re-worked versions of their earlier songs. While the uncommon pitches will surprise more than one person, the psychedelic, progressive, pop-rock style in which Ilevens play is a perfect catalyst to bring microtonal music to the masses. Many a musician before has dabbled with xenharmony for its odd and challenging properties, Brendan Byrnes is one of the figureheads for trying to popularize it through compelling and approachable compositions.

And that goal is achieved with Transmitter. Get on board when it drops, on ahem 11/11.


An advanced digital copy of the album was sent to us for review.