Cormorant – Dwellings (2011)

Listen to this while you read!

Cormorant’s third is the one! If you didn’t know Cormorant yet, their own blend of death/black/progressive metal, it is the time to, because Dwellings is one hell of an album!

Close to an hour of material goes on with this one!

And the artwork… Could you ask for a better artwork than this one? Seriously?

Mid-paced goodness, violence turning into contemplation, and some WTF moments. Dwellings feature great guitar playing and composition by Nick Cohon and Matt Solis. There are catchy riffs, soaring leads and solos. The bass is not too much hidden in the mix, and there are some really great bass passages, courtesy of Arthur von Nagel, who is also the lead singer, supported by the rest of the band. Finally, Brennan Kunkel is behind the kit and does a great job of supporting the other musicians, and making the music advance.

The pieces are amazing, and quite lengthy, in a good way! More than half of the songs are close to or over 10 minutes, which is a great thing if you ask me! This allows the songs to stray from the conventional path, and into unknown terrain, which can bring you joy, sadness, mystery, or expectation.

As an independant band, Cormorant did a fucking great job with this record, and that means that every penny you spend for that CD will go directly to the band, and you get 100% of an amazing effort!

Progressive, heavy, with varying moods throughout, Dwellings is Cormorant’s third album, and if you didn’t know them, it might be the first one you own.

Dwellings gets an awesome 95% note.

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