Car Bomb – Third Revelation (w^w^^w^w, 2012)


Car Bomb’s first single from their upcoming album w^w^^w^w (some will call it sinewave or whatever, but be a true one and call it “double-u-caret-double-u-caret-caret-double-u-caret-double-u”).

And guess what! It features Joe Duplantier from Gojira! It’s not as if it was written in the video title!

Car Bomb’s album Centralia left a permanent mark in my mind, and hearing this song makes me think that double-u-caret-double-u-caret-caret-double-u-caret-double-u will be at least as fucking great as Centralia was.

Car Bomb official website

Car Bomb facebook page

Double-u-caret-double-u-caret-caret-double-u-caret-double-u comes out september 25th, be ready.