Chaostar – Anomima


This name may not evoke a simple thought in your mind.

The story is different for me.

After listening to this album, the name Anomima sends my mind on a vast journey. A journey of beautiful, desolate, and meaningful landscapes. Those that are shaped by emotion, not erosion.

Anomima makes me travel different countries, each with their language, their culture, and their faces. Anomima is timeless, neither ancient, or future, and definitely not contemporary. Anomima is unpredictable : once you think you’ve got it, and you’ve got a sense of what awaits you, new challenges will be offered to you, the kind of which you’ve never expected.

But one thing is sure about Anomima. Anomima is sad, infinitely…

Chaostar have written the most gigantic piece of music of the year so far. Bringing world music, symphonic and orchestral music, opera, dubstep, progressive metal, funk, and many other genres together to form a cohesive whole is what Anomima presents us with.

And it’s done with such a mastery…

I don’t know how to label this album, except with the simple and explicit word necessary.