██████ – Demo 2013

Just for their name, or lack of, I had to post about them. Luckily enough, ██████, Nic, or wedonthaveaname – call them what you will – make sweet music!

If you’re into the atmospheric black metal and the post-hardcore realms of music, you’ll probably dig those whose name shan’t be spoken. And keep in mind this is only a demo! A demo! And it’s really promising : some bands releases EPs or LPs that are way worse than this; I mean it sounds great!

There’s a heavy focus on instrumental sections, full of clean guitars, eery leads, cool rhythms and nice progressions. The drums are really a highlight of the band, too, as it shines compared to similar bands where the drum is really lacklustre.

To conclude, that’s definitely a band I’ll keep an eye on, and that demo certainly does not sound like a demo at all, which is always great! Go give them a listen, I’m pretty sure you’ll dig’em!

On April 30 2014, this entry was posted.