Mini-Reviews XX

Twenty sets of mini-reviews already! This puts us at more than one hundred and sixty albums presented to you since we changed names from one-sentence reviews to mini-reviews, which are a bit more fleshed out. Let’s see what special music this vintage brings us.

Tanya Tagaq is an Inuk singer from Nunavut, Canada. She’s probably best known for being the throat singer on Björk’s Medúlla album. For now, she has released four full-length albums, mostly under the general label of experimental pop and folk music. Anuraaqtuq – also named ᐊᓄᕌᖅᑐᖅ, The Wind, or Le vent – is a live … Read more

Mini-Reviews XIX

We’ve had a bunch of interesting new material, this week: new Art as Catharsis release, some folk atmospheric black metal, some powerviolence. Get ready!
Gendo Ikari is a grindcore/powerviolence band from the United Kingdom, and Unit 1 is their first EP, at just under ten minutes. It reminds me somewhat of 黒い樹海, which is not a bad thing at all. The whole thing is gone as quickly as it came, but it’s a brutal assault full of riff shredding and drums blasting. And it’s available for pay what you want on their label’s bandcamp.
The Silent Opera is a … Read more

Mini-Reviews XVIII

mrRoll your sleeves and be ready because there are some great material in this bunch!
Starchitect‘s progressive post-metal has already been tested, especially on their previous release, Results. Today, with Shift, the band continues to develop their brand by including some very welcomed math metal spices to it. Their newest full-length, out on the fifth of October, is pretty interesting, and you should definitely give it a try!
Grindcore/powerviolence band ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – along with Chokeslam, GFSP, and Cabin Fire -, teamed up to release a raw compilation EP, Make America Grind Again. Chokeslam’s contribution, … Read more

Mini-Reviews XVII

From Argentina comes to us this oddly-titled band and their self-titled EP, Kjjjjjjjjj. Somewhere between new melodic prog and post-math rock, this twenty-seven-minute, eight-song album shows us of what the trio is capable. The bass guitar wonderfully complements the aerial guitar parts, with the drummer being consistently interesting in its beats, accentuations, and use of cymbals. A really neat little find that you’ll want to listen over and over.
Pfloog blew us away with their chill and legitimate math rock EP, Flop City. This time, they come back with the Empathy EP, featuring two songs and a short introduction … Read more

Mini-Reviews XVI


I’m not a huge grind guy, but when the aesthetic is tempered a bit, I can appreciate it. Cognizant are a really solid example of that; with a self-titled album that explodes over the course of just 17 minutes, they weave a chaotic web of death, black and grind elements with relentless intensity and slick production. The result is simultaneously viciously aggressive and eminently listenable.

This album took me by surprise with its high quality and unique niche. I highlighted a couple of bands that could be considered progressive post-metal/sludge in my last set of mini-reviews, but Barishi actualize an … Read more

Mini-Reviews XV

Tactus is a progressive metalcore band from Fredericton, New-Brunswick. It’s a pretty good record recalling a bit of Novållo, but, as with most things labeled metalcore – even if it’s the progressive kind -, Bending Light suffers from its lack of originality. The whole thing is a considerable step up from their debut, T, but the restrictions of the genre are something they should strive to strike down, next time around. The album comes out on October seventh.
Luminiferous Aether is the newest album from progressive atmospheric black metal band Mare Cognitum. Out on September sixteen, it’s what … Read more

Exploring Bandcamp Tags: Math Rock

bcmrBandcamp is a wonderful platform. Not only is it free for fans and artists, but it’s also one of the least greedy large platforms, taking only 15% off of music sales from the artist, whereas iTunes takes about 30%. I can only think of CD Baby that has a lower revenue share, at 9%, but their website is definitely not meant for the same thing; on one hand CD Baby requires artists to pay fees in order to sell their music, and it’s impossible to allow a pay what you want pricing, something Bandcamp have become renowned for.

On top … Read more

Mini-Reviews XIV

Today’s listening schedule is much more digestible, only eight albums since Tuesday!
First up is the highly anticipated third album from Veilburner: The Obscene Rite. The songs here can be really hit-or-miss. For example, the single, “Eucharist of the Breathing Abyss”, is great, filled with dissonance and heavy riffs, but others, like “Dilemma Manifestation” almost sound like a Pagan metal song, and I don’t think there’s anything I despise more than this genre of metal. So, in short, some good tracks, some meh tracks, I say you should wait for the full stream before buying or not!
On … Read more

Seven Impale – Contrapasso, Review and Interview

Seven Impale Front promo highest res RGB 3000x3000“What is the next step?”

This question is the first thing crooned by vocalist-and-guitarist Stian Økland on Seven Impale‘s sophomore album, Contrapasso. It was also the question burning in my mind after several months of listening to their debut album, City of the Sun, which was my favorite record of 2014. I’ve heard plenty of bands with elements of both jazz and prog rock, but never one that truly synthesizes those styles in perfect balance. Typically you can feel whether a band is rooted in jazz and incorporating some elements of prog or vice versa. With this … Read more

Mini-Reviews XIII: Double Trouble!!!

Yes. I’m away for a week, and what do I get? A shitload of stuff to listen to. Here’s a collection of it, some good, some okay, some bad!
Let’s start this off with something pretty good, shall we? Unfathomable Ruination is as brutal as the name suggests. Finitude is a progressive brutal death metal album that’s like Between the Buried and Me with all the heavy and none of that softer side of theirs, with a bit of Viraemia thrown in for good measure. I guess it’s the dawn of a new era for brutal death metal, the time … Read more