Mini-Reviews XXVI

osr12 Dischordia is a progressive death metal band from the United States of America, and their upcoming album, Thanatopsis, out on November twenty-fifth, is something I would’ve preferred not heard. It’s difficult to pinpoint where they failed, because they’ve got many elements that would otherwise get my happy: dissonant harmonies and voicings, odd time signatures, cool riffs and extreme drums, and yet nothing seems to be held together. My best guess is either something with the production or the cohesiveness of the different band members.

Brazilian fusion jazz band Metá Metá have released, back in August, MM3, an album, … Read more

Mammoth – Deviations

mammothIn the world of progressive rock and metal, instrumental albums are pretty common so it’s a bit hard to stand out. Mammoth absolutely manage to do this with their new album Deviations. Impressive playing paired with amazing production quality and beautiful tones prove that these guys are at the top of their class.

The first song, ‘Entanglements’ sounds like an entanglement of instruments weaving wonderfully through each other. Impressive guitar arpeggios and solos are complemented by ambient keyboards and intense drums. The middle section of the song calms down with a bright clean section that builds back up into … Read more

Mini-Reviews XXV

Strange Loops is my first acquaintance with British death metal band Mithras. The experimental death metal duo’s newest release is almost an hour of fast and sometimes atmospheric music that never fully finds what it strives for. It’s unarguably a promising record, but it doesn’t get to maturity. It’s full of cool moments, but there’s just something missing, something that makes it so that it isn’t completely for me. Try it out, you might like it!
Bogotá, Colombia’s progressive black metal band Cóndor‘s previous album, Duin, has been highly praised by one my favourite reviewers, but I … Read more

Mini-Reviews XXIV

Punk, rock, metal, pop… I think this one’s one of the most diverse sets we’ve had yet!
Vancouver’s microtonal punk band, Jock Tears, have just released their Sassy Attitude EP. They play some pretty light-hearted punk that almost sounds like surf rock at times, and their live shows are apparently a lot of fun as well! In line with pure punk aesthetics, the use of microtonal instruments give the whole a very ‘badly tuned’ sound, with weird vocal melodies, chord voicings, and guitar leads. The 17-EDO system allows for good approximations of the neutral third and perfect fourth and … Read more

Mini-Reviews XXIII

This October is a lot more dry than I expected it to be. Apart from releases from bigger names, the understream level is quite low! Let’s see what I salvaged anyways.
Redrick Sultan is a psychedelic rock band using microtonal instruments as their main composition strategy. The songs, which I believe are in nineteen notes per octave -, are nonetheless very accessible and enjoyable. There are a few places, here and there, where their tuning system clashes with our perception, conditioned to twelve notes per octave, but, with a short adaptation time, you will get to appreciate even the most … Read more

Mini-Reviews XXII

osrThe beginning of October has presented itself as a pretty slow moment for experimental underground music. So today I will include a few releases from earlier this year and last, and a big name in metal! You won’t see this often here.
Italian label AltrOck Productions released yet another interesting release. This time from the band Promenade. Their debut album is called Noi al dir di Noi – meaning something along the lines of ‘we tell ourselves’ -, and it’s a pretty funky progressive rock one! The first track, ‘Athletics’, goes a lot of places as the instrumental opener, … Read more

Help Fund Ian Ethan Case’s New Acoustic/World Music Album

Ian Ethan Case is a name you might be familiar with, if you’ve read our blog for some time. His impressive double-neck acoustic guitar (and associated skill set) makes for an attentive listen while atmospheres are summoned from the void itself to fill in the aural landscape. This vision of the world will be even more tangible with the horde of world-class musicians mentioned in Ethan’s indiegogo campaign video. Flutes, percussions, live strings… You name it!

The Earth Suite will be Ian Ethan Case’s fourth full-length album, and his most ambitious yet. Check out a playthrough video for ‘Butter II’ … Read more

Thinking Plague Just Released ‘The Echoes of Their Cries’ for Their Backers

tp16The legendary avant-garde/art rock ensemble Thinking Plague started a crowdfunding campaign, last year, to help finance their seventh studio album, temporarily titled Hope against Hope. The album was set to be released in September of 2016, but, as you may have noticed, it hasn’t.

However, if you were a funder of the project, you should by now have received an email from Kickstarter with a download link and code to get the first track from the album. The song is called ‘The Echoes of Their Cries’, and we can also notice a small change in the album title: … Read more

Monthly Recommendations: September 2016

‘The Second One is a collection of nine opera (plural of opus). This Ukrainian band plays really top notch avant-garde fusion metal, bringing math metal to the jazz world. It’s an improvement on all fronts from their debut album, “42”. Don’t miss them!’
Mini-review XIV.
‘Boston avant-garde metal band Ehnahre released their latest album, Douve, back in January, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from releasing an EP in September. Nothing and Nothingness is a two-track, twenty-two minute dive into the depths of experimental doom and black metal. The album is as dark and gloomy as it gets, with … Read more

Mini-Reviews XXI

Hey! It’s been quite a while, isn’t it? I can’t believe that five days have passed and I couldn’t gather eight new albums to listen to. I must’ve been a bit lazy. In any case, let’s kick today’s edition of Mini-Reviews!

First up, Chung Antique is a math rock trio from Washington, and Artesian Swell/Norse Code is a single release on vinyl. With only two songs, the thing is pretty short, and I’ve got to say that their take on the genre isn’t clicking with me. Maybe it’s their punkish approach or the overload of repetitions present in their song, … Read more