Monthly Recommendations: November 2016

November has been quite surprising. Going from a month from which I didn’t expect much to one that blew me away with unscheduled releases and band discoveries. Anyways, here’s what we think are the best four releases the month had in stores for us, as well as some honourable mentions.
‘Corima‘s third full-length, 天照, delivers an untamed flow of energetic, Japanese-influenced Zeuhl. The album is enjoyable to the core and will please anyone seeking a new musical challenge. Personally, I’m overjoyed to have stumbled upon it and to finally be able to make a connection with the promising world of … Read more

Mini-Reviews XXXVI

Pelicrane, the monstrous hybrid bird, which happens to play some experimental math rock, just released goin2church. First off, it has strong Yowie and Doom Salad vibes, which is something I can totally swallow. There might also be some Hella somewhere in there. The thirty-three minute album consists of ten tracks of harsh instrumental math rock that is challenging and interesting.
What I dislike about Indian band Orchid is their production. Their compositions are pretty good, but the vocal emphasis is way too strong, and spoils the overall experience. However, if you can put that aside for a minute … Read more

Mini-Reviews XXXV

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving is a band I’ve unjustly overlooked, throughout the years. However, someone told me they’re worth listening to, and I gave them a real chance. Yield to Despair came out in 2015, and it’s one very good album. The band’s vision of post-metal infuses elements of doom metal, progressive rock, and jazz, while also leaning in with some experimentation. If you, too, overlooked this band, you might want to reconsider.
Ikarus‘ avant-garde jazz shone bright, on their first album, Echo. Now, they’ve released a follow-up, Chronosome, that’s more than worthy. The odd time signatures … Read more

Mini-Reviews XXXIV

Hip-hop and jazz rock fusion is quite simply a match made in heaven. Light Bright know how to put it to their advantage. Their newest album, We Got Problems, was released this year, and features some very nice jazzy tunes with live brasses and, of course, very good singing and rapping. A highly enjoyable listen.
Killick Hinds is a rather prolific experimental musician, and has got loads of different collaborations on his bandcamp page. However, the one that struck me the most goes under the name Vectrexcentricity, and features Michael Manring on bass and Jamie DeRevere on drums. … Read more

Mini-Reviews XXXIII

Strawberry GirlsFrench Ghetto came out in 2013, but I only became aware of the band’s existence, thanks to their recent Audiotree session. They play a sort of melodic, progressive alternative rock. The band is instrumental, but thanks to the many guests on the album, almost every song has vocals to it, and they’re of high quality. It’s an entertaining and relaxing album.
Luke Mandala‘s upcoming EP, Passing, will be out soon on Merkaba Music. I’m admittedly not very proficient on electronic music genres, but I can tell you it has some very interesting compositions, to the … Read more

Corima – 天照

Corima is a Zeuhl quintet from California that released their first album in 2007, followed by the acclaimed Quetzalcoatl, in 2012, and now 天照 (Amaterasu), which came out on November second, 2016. It features two compositions spanning fifty minutes and split into nine tracks. It was released on the label Soleil Zeuhl and is also available to buy on bandcamp.… Read more

Mini-Reviews XXXII

Mandroid Echostar only recently released their latest album, Coral Throne, on bandcamp. And… well, it’s all right. While it doesn’t reach Citadels‘ level, it’s a pretty good jam! For those who don’t know the band, they’re an alternative progressive rock band from Ontario, Canada, who’ve been often compared to Coheed & Cambria, but I think that’s unjustified. They’re more prog and generally better, musically, than the sci-fi rock band.
Bands Selvans and Downfall of Nur collaborated for a collaborative release, which came out on November sixth through Avantgarde Music. Both sides feature some form of atmospheric black metal … Read more

Mini-Reviews XXXI

Behold the Arctopus surreptitiously released Cognitive Emancipation when everyone was looking at the United States’ election results unfurl. Even though they claim it’s not an EP, it technically is, at twenty minutes long, but I agree that the segregation of EPs and LPs is arbitrary and should be stopped. The band’s trademark drummer change now brings Jason Bauers, of Psyopus. The music on Cognitive Emancipation is somewhere between Skullgrid and Horrorscension, but is at the same time something new and unique. It sounds like Behold the Arctopus, and fans on the band will relish it, but it sounds like … Read more

Mini-Reviews XXX


Cultural Lungs is a symphonic progressive rock band from Portugal, and Fortress is their newest album. The concept behind it is rather interesting, too. It’s basically a choose your own adventure type of experience. The ‘happy ending’ version consists of rather upbeat progressive rock (songs 2-8), while the ‘sad ending’ consists of more cinematic songs, almost like a movie soundtrack (songs 10-17). It’s basically two EPs in one album. The music itself is well-done and has a sort of almost minimalistic, indie feel, which is somewhat charming. Hint: create two playlists – one ‘bright side’ consisting of tracks 1 to … Read more