What October has in stores for us

I’ll just write here what I’m excited for in October. Keep in mind that this is only the music that I know will come in the next month, as of now. There will certainly be a lot of other awesome finds throughout the month! Also, if I miss anything, or want to share a band/album you’re excited for that comes out in October, please comment below!

First of all, Slice the Cake‘s album Odyssey to the West was supposed to be released in April of 2015, but was then delayed indefinitely. Maybe, just maybe, October is the right month? Let’s hope so!

Today (October 2nd) is the day that the new deafheaven record, New Bermuda comes out. I just got into their latest album “Sunbather” and I feel it’s a great mixture of post-rock and black metal, and I’m excited to see where they go from there with the new one.

On the 13th (which isn’t a Friday), The Pneumatic Transit‘s Concerto for Double Moon will come out, and that’s one thing I’m really looking forward to. The excerpt they released not so long ago was pretty cool, and rose up my expectations for ex-EAPZ’s Jeff Zampillo’s new project. Update: HBIH is now premiering a new song, Sparrow Sparrow!

Finally, on the 30th, two sure-to-be-great albums will come out from Cryptopsy and Caligula’s Horse: respectively The Book of Suffering – Tome 1, and Bloom. I’m also a late adopter of both these bands, only liking the former from their self-titled album onwards, and listening to the latter only this year.

What are you excited for?

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