Weekly Release Dump #1

Sunday, 3 December
Alex’s HandKatatak (avant-garde progressive rock)

Tuesday, 5 December
Void OmniaVoid Omnia (atmospheric black metal)

Wednesday, 6 December
Fixionsヘッドハンター (Heddohantā) (synthwave)

Thursday, 7 December
Art as Catharsis2017 Sampler (compilation)
Destroy UranusIn the Scale of Galaxy (doom metal)
MirageIt’s Been a Pleasure (math rock/jazz pop)
Organized ChaosDivulgence (progressive metal)
Sex-AndroidAngelic Sounds (experimental electronic music/noise/hardcore)
Gendo Ikari/DrovesSplit (grindcore)

Friday, 8 December
All We ExpectedHatàr (atmospheric post-metal)
Big Big TrainMerry Christmas/Snowfalls (progressive rock)
The Clearing PathWatershed between Firmament and the Realm of Hyperborea (atmospheric black metal)
ClericRetrocausal (avant-garde death metal)
LvthnThe Spider Goddess (experimental black metal)
March On, ComradeOur Peaceful Atoms (post-rock)
SynovialTriage (progressive technical death metal)
ThawGrains (experimental black metal)
UrukI Leave a Silver Trail through Blackness (experimental post-rock)
[Listen via Echoes and Dust]

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