Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 27

Brian! – Chasms of Color and Thought (avant-pop/chamber music)

Stygian Obsession – Form Is Void (experimental black metal)

Wormhole – Causation (experimental electronic music)

Sunday, 28

Autger – God Kissing Carrion (cyber dark jazz)

Cyclamen – 阿弥陀 (Amida) (post-hardcore)

Slug Christ – Judas’ Betrayal and the Three Day Burial of a Salted Slug (experimental cloud rap)

Xenobiotic – Prometheus (technical blackened death metal)

Monday, 29

Sciolism – Released to Chaos (technical death metal)

Wednesday, 31

Bloodmoon – Supervoid Trinity (atmospheric blackened doom metal)

Thursday, 1 February

Sandy Ewen and Weasel Walter – Idiomatic (free noise jazz)

Timōrātus – 7 Deadly Sins (grindcore/doom metal)

Friday, 2

Astrakhan – Without New Growth Process Is Bloodshed (stoner metal)

Keys of Orthanc – Dush agh Golnauk (atmospheric black metal)

Sofra – Not So Not Familiar (jazz fusion/rap)

坂田明 (Sakata Akira), ちかもらち (Chikamorachi), and 佐藤允彦 (Masahiko Satō) – Proton Pump (avant-garde/free jazz)

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