Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 26 January

Key to Abyss – Beautiful Demons [2-disc] (free jazz)

Vancouver, British Columbia

Light Dweller – Incandescent Crucifix [EP] (atmospheric black metal)

Tempe, Arizona

Sunday, 27

Long Hallways – Close Your Eyes to Travel (post-rock)

Portland, Oregon

Somn – The All​-​Devouring (blackgaze, post-black)

Saint Petersburg, Russia
On Elusive Sound

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Monday, 28

Dead Kiwis – Systematic Home Run [EP] (mathcore)

Lyon, France

Soulmass – The Weakness of Virtue (death metal, doom metal)


Zach Rowden, Jarrett Gilgore, and Ian McColm – First Lapse (avant-garde jazz)

London, UK
On Raw Tonk Records

Tuesday, 29

Mindswimmer – Everytime I Eat My Dreams (jazz fusion, hip-hop)

Chicago, Illinois
On Stellar Nursery Records

The Moon Project – Morphologies [2-disc] (avant-garde classical)

Perth, Australia
On Tone List


Wednesday, 30

Bave – Parallels [EP] (progressive rock)

Detroit, Michigan

An Empty Room – The Palimpsest (doom metal, sludge)

Eugene, Oregon

Rodrigo Pinheiro, Zbigniew Kozera, and Kuba Suchar – Wschód (avant-garde jazz, free jazz)

Lisbon, Portugal
On Clean Feed

Stormhaven – Liquid Imagery (progressive black metal)

Toulouse, France

Thursday, 31

Blvck Ceiling – Coast (darkwave)

United States
On Polycoffin

Deadspace – Dirge (atmospheric black metal)

Perth, Australia

Released in January

Iberian Roots Trío – The Wake of an Artist: Tribute to Bernardo Sassetti (experimental jazz)

On Clean Feed

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José Dias – After Silence, Volume 1 (modern jazz)

On Clean Feed

Jørgen Mathisen’s Instant Light – Mayhall’s Object (free jazz)

On Clean Feed

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TGB – (experimental jazz, jazz fusion)

On Clean Feed

Friday, 1 February

Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom – Glitter Wolf (jazz fusion)

New York, New York
On Royal Potato Family

Astronoid – Astronoid (progressive metal)

Boston, Massachusetts
On Blood Music

Dali Mráz – Level 25 (jazz fusion, progressive rock)


The Emerald Dawn – Nocturne (progressive rock)

St. Ives, UK
On World’s End Records

Fange – Punir (sludge metal)

Rennes, France
On Throatruiner Records

Fearless Trio – Unusual Solutions (jazz fusion, experimental jazz)

Cologne, Germany
On Galileo Music

Graham Costello’s Strata – Obelisk (modern jazz)

Glasgow, UK

James Brandon Lewis – An Unruly Manifesto (avant-garde jazz)

New York, New York
On Relative Pitch Records

Lighteater – Autoscopy (post-rock)

Brooklyn, New York

Mastiff – Plague (sludge metal)

Kingston Upon Hull, UK
On APF Records

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Mörglbl – The Story of Scott Rötti (progressive metal, jazz fusion)

New Jersey
On The Laser’s Edge

Pensées nocturnes – Grand Guignol Orchestra (theatrical black metal)

Paris, France

Living Impressions – The Big Dipper (progressive metal, jazz fusion)

Leiria, Portugal

Morild – Så kom mørket og tog mig på ordet en sort sky af minder i afgørende stunder frosset fast i mit indre jeg håber det forsvinder med lyset at dø eller blive fri (atmospheric black metal)

Copenhagen, Denmark
On Indisciplinarian

Sketch the Sky – Switching [EP] (progressive rock, metal)

Port Shepstone, South Africa

Soen – Lotus (progressive post-metal)

On Silver Lining Music

Uglyglow – Pills Not Candy [EP] (experimental electro)

Ünum – Contemplatif (post-metal)

Montréal, Québec

William Covert – Music for Synthesizer and Drums (experimental electro, free jazz)

Castlegar, British Columbia
On Coup sur Coup Records

Yodok III – This Earth We Walk Upon (ambient jazz)

Trondheim, Norway
On Consouling Sounds

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Upcoming Releases

Saturday, 2

Fountainhead – I Do and I Will [Compilation] (progressive metal, jazz fusion)

Berlin, Germany
On Vmbrella

Monday, 4

Autism – Have You Found Peace? (post-metal)

On Saint Ripper Records

Horse Orchestra – Video EP 2018 [EP] (experimental jazz)

Copenhagen, Denmark

Thursday, 7

Billy Pod – Drums to Heal Society (free jazz)

Athens, Greece
On Puzzlemusik

Friday, 8

Anton Eger – Æ (experimental jazz)

Copenhagen, Denmark
On Edition Records

Daniel Carter, Tobias Wilner, Djibril Toure, and Federico Ughi – New York United (free jazz)

Brooklyn, New York
On 577 Records

Downfall of Gaia – Ethic of Radical Finitude (atmospheric black metal)

On Metal Blade Records

Labirinto – Divino afflante spiritu (progressive post-metal)

On Pelagic Records

Miho Hazama – Dancer in Nowhere (big band jazz)

New York, New York
On Sunnyside Records

A Novelist – Folie (progressive death metal)


Quinsin Nachoff – Path of Totality (jazz fusion)

New York, New York
On Whirlwind Recordings

Seed Ensemble – Driftglass (jazz fusion)

London, UK
On Jazz Re:Freshed

Seer – Volume 6 (blackened doom metal)

Vancouver, British Columbia
On Artoffact Records

Twin Talk – Weaver (jazz fusion)

Chicago, Illinois
On People

Monday, 11

Karfagen – Echoes from within Dragon Island [2-disc] (progressive rock)

On Caerllysi Music

Thursday, 14

CW: Ironic misogyny (click to display)

Wednesday, 15

Backstabber – Conspiracy Theorist (death metal)

Rouyn Noranda, Québec

Cabinets of Curiosity – The Chaos Game (progressive metal)

Mansfield, New Jersey

Cheeto’s Magazine – Amazingous (progressive rock, art pop)

Barcelona, Spain

Coltsblood and Un [Split] (atmospheric doom metal)

Seattle, Washington

Dieu – Fore (experimental rock)

On Bermuda Cruise

Label page

Gridfailure – Sixth Mass​-​Extinction Skulduggery I (dark ambient, noise, folk)

Valley Cottage, New York
On Nefarious Industries

Herod – Sombre dessein (sludge metal, post-metal)

Vevey, Switzerland
On Pelagic Records

Hess Usui Suen – もも (Momo) (free jazz)

Atlanta, Georgia
On Already Dead Tapes

Kaleikr – Heart of Lead (progressive black metal)

Reykjavík, Iceland
On Debemur Morti Productions

Saor – Forgotten Paths (atmospheric black metal)

Scotland, UK
On Avantgarde Music

Tom Blankenberg – Atermus (contemporary classical)

Düsseldorf, Germany

Wing Walker Orchestra – Hazel (jazz fusion)

Jersey City, New Jersey
On Ears & Eyes Records

Y I Y – Dkvdnt (atmospheric black metal)

Berlin, Germany

Saturday, 16

Soliloque – Window (nu-prog)

Québec City, Québec

Thursday, 21

Dan James Griffin – Automatrix (progressive metal, nu prog)

Kidderminster, UK

Larsen – Tiles (experimental rock)

Torino, Italy
On Hypershape Records

Friday, 22

Ænimus – Dreamcatcher (technical deathcore)

San Francisco, California
On Nuclear Blast Records

Basement Research – Impromptus and Other Short Works (modern jazz)

On WhyPlayJazz

Label page

Brent Birckhead – Birckhead (jazz fusion)

New York, New York

Cân Bardd – The Last Rain (atmospheric black metal)

On Northern Silence Productions

Chris Potter – Circuits (jazz fusion)

New York, New York
On Edition Records

Dream Theater – Distance over Time (progressive metal)

New York, New York
On Insideout Records

Dronte – Quelque part entre la guerre et la lâcheté (experimental progressive metal)

On Apathia Records

Ghost Iris – Apple of Discord (progressive metalcore, djent)

On Long Branch Records

معلم حسام كانية (Maalem Houssem Gania) – موساوي صويري (Mosawi Swiri) (gnawa, world)

Essaouira, Morocco
On Hive Mind Records

Minors – Abject Bodies [EP] (hardcore, powerviolence)

Windsor, Ontario
On Holy Roar Records

Nyos – Now. (math rock, post-rock)

Jyväskylä, Finland

O.R.k. – Ramagehead (progressive rock)

London, UK
On Kscope

Rhys Marsh – October after All (progressive rock, jazz fusion)

Trondheim, Norway
On Karisma Records

Sawce – Bedtime Stories (math rock)

New Jersey

Sunwatchers – Illegal Moves (experimental jazz, jazz fusion)

New York
On Trouble in Mind Records

Monday, 25

Jakob Heinemann – Latticework (contemporary classical)

Madison, Wisconsin
On Scripts Records

Label page

Thursday, 28

Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree – Grandmother (doomgaze)

Stuttgart, Germany

Identikit – Mind’s Eye Meteorology (progressive rock, jazz fusion)

Atlanta, Georgia

Bandcamp page

Friday, 1 March

Berried Alive – Make It Work (progressive metalcore)

Vancouver, Washington

Cartographs – Wilt & Blossom (post-metal)

Copenhagen, Denmark
On Prime Collective

Consider the Source – You Are Literally a Metaphor (avant-prog, jazz fusion)

New York, New York

Eli Wallace – Barriers (contemporary classical, avant-garde jazz)

Brooklyn, New York
On Eschatology Records

Heaume Mortal – Solstices (No North Re-Release) (blackened doom metal)

Paris, France
On Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions

Michael Rossetto – Intermodal Blues (world fusion)

Minneapolis, Minnesota
On Shifting Paradigm Records

Patchwork Jazz Orchestra – The Adventures of Mr Pottercakes (jazz fusion, big band)

London, UK
On Spark Label

Ni – Pantophobie (avant-prog)

Bourg en Bresse, France
On Dur et Doux

Nonlocal Forecast – Bubble Universe! (experimental rock, synthwave)

Chicago, Illinois
On Hausu Mountain Records

Steph Richards – Take the Neon Lights (experimental jazz)

New York
On Birdwatcher Records

D’un autre temps – Nos mémoires (atmospheric black metal)

Montréal, Québec
On A Pile of Graves

Friday, 8

Deathcrush – Megazone (post-punk)

Oslo, Norway
On Apollon Records

Equipoise – Demiurgus (technical death metal)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
On The Artisan Era

Fen – Stone and Sea [Rerelease] (post-black metal)

On Eisenwald

Saturday, 9

Mopcut – Accelerated Frames of Reference (experimental, noise)

Vienna, Austria
On Trost Records

Friday, 15

Bruxa Maria & MoE (noise punk, noise)

On God Unknown Records

Contrarian – Their Worm Never Dies (progressive death metal)

Rochester, New York
On Willowtip Records

قيس ايشار (Qais Essar) – I Am Afghan, Afghani Is Currency, Volume Ⅲ: Zahir (folk, world)

Phoenix, Arizona
On Worlds within Worlds

Steaksauce Mustache – Superwoke (mathcore)

New York, New York
On Silent Pendulum Records

Saturday, 16

Bitter Lake – New Branches on Old Trees (avant-garde metal)

Scotland, UK

Tuesday, 26

The Mercury Tree – Spidermilk (avant-prog)

Portland, Oregon

Friday, 29

Elder Ones – From Untruth (jazz fusion, free jazz)

Buffalo, New York
On Northern Spy

Red Handed Denial – Redeemer (progressive metalcore)

Toronto, Ontario

Scopes – Scopes (modern jazz)

New York, New York
On Whirlwind Recordings

Skryptor – Luminous Volumes (progressive rock, noise rock)

St. Louis, Missouri
On Skin Graft Records

Vltimas – Something Wicked Marches In (death metal)

Almada, Portugal
On Season of Mist

Friday, 5 April

Town Portal – Of Violence (post-metal, math rock)

Copenhagen, Denmark
On Art as Catharsis / Small Pond

Friday, 12

Big Business – The Beast You Are (stoner metal)

Los Angeles, California
On Joyful Noise Recordings

Numenorean – Adore (post-black metal)

Calgary, Alberta
On Season of Mist

Poil – Sus (avant-prog)

Lyon, France
On Dur et Doux

Friday, 19

L’acéphale – L’acéphale (experimental black metal)

Portland, Oregon
On Eisenwald

Allegaeon – Apoptosis (progressive death metal)

Denver, Colorado
On Metal Blade Records

Scheduled for 2019

Caldera – Tephra (post-metal, sludge)

Athens, Greece

Ex fauna – Blue Moon (experimental punk, noise rock)

Chicago, Illinois
On Auris Apothecary

Good Nightowl – Truthmaster (progressive metal)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Gralaghorr – The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth [EP] (atmospheric black metal)

Somerville, Massachusetts

Ihlo – Union (progressive metal)


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