Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 8 December

Carcajou – “Pied de nez” [Single] (post-hardcore)
Montréal, Québec

Jacky Ligon – Transition [EP] (ambient electronic, microtonal)
United States
On Scapescircle

Kataplexis – Kataplexis [EP] (blackened grindcore)
Calgary, Alberta
On PRC Music

Sunday, 9

Adrian Shegstad – Of Majesty This Genesis (experimental electro, soundtrack)
Tampa, Florida

D. Ocean – Sad Beauty [EP] (darkwave)
United States
On Polycoffin

Perplextus Joans – Poisons and Antidotes (experimental rock, microtonal)
Portland, Oregon

Monday, 10

Ando San – Vitality [EP] (jazz fusion, progressive metal, hip-hop)
Los Angeles, California

Dewa Budjana – Mahandini (neo-prog, world fusion)
Jakarta, Indonesia
On Moonjune Records

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i.o – Fine Plasma Flickers (free jazz, experimental rock)
Victoria, British Columbia

Jyotiṣavedāṅga – Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections [Rerelease] (avant-garde black metal)
India and Russia
On Helter Skelter Productions

Matheus Manente – The Notevember 2018 Collection [Compilation] (various)

Öfö Am – Tales from Outerspace: An Octaman’s Odyssey (progressive rock, stoner rock)
Montpellier, France
On Lost Pilgrim Records

Walabix – M, live aux soirées Tricot (free jazz, experimental jazz)
On Tricollectif

Tuesday, 11

Grim Christmas – Grim Christmas (black metal)
Arvada, Colorado

Wednesday, 12

Crossing the Rubicon – Matter (progressive metal, djent)
Dayton, Ohio

Ron Minis – Pale Blue Dot [EP] (progressive jazz, jazz fusion)

Septa – The Lover Remixed [EP] (alternative rock, electro)
Odessa, Ukraine
On Venona Records

Shiba and the Girl – Even Robots, Baby [EP] (indie rock)
Boston, Massachusetts

Sky Signals – Illumine (progressive metal, alternative rock)
Sydney, Australia

Travis Orbin – Delectable Machinery (progressive metal, experimental jazz)
Selbyville, Delaware

Turbohaler – Metal Vessel Music [EP] (experimental black metal)
Bergen, Norway

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Thursday, 13

Þ (Thorn) – Bat bytlung (harsh noise, experimental electro)

Friday, 14

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean – I Carry My Awareness of Defeat like a Banner of Victory (sludge doom metal)
Springfield, Massachusetts

Frostbitt – Solbrent (progressive metal, djent)

Kamaal Williams – “New Heights” and “Snitches Brew” [Single] (jazz fusion)
London, UK
On Black Focus Records

Lee Griffiths & Patrick Lester-Rourke – Zero Sum (jazz fusion, electro-jazz)
Birmingham, UK

Resurrecting Id – Ephemera [EP] (progressive metal, jazz fusion)
Cleveland, Ohio

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Squalus and Shadow Limb – Mass and Power [Split] (progressive metal)
San Francisco and Chico, California
On Translation Loss Records

The Surrealist – “Kaleido” [Single] (math rock, post-rock)
United States

Upcoming Releases

Saturday, 15

Ad Shave – Ad complementum (jazz fusion)
On Soliton

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Luna Vista – Among the Haze [Compilation] (math rock, post-rock)
Portland, Oregon

Monday, 17

Sithu Aye – Homebound (progressive metal, djent)
Glasgow, UK

Metro 3 – Resonance (avant-garde metal, experimental jazz)
Moscow, Russia
On Топот

Taylor Barnett – Loose Ends (avant-garde jazz, big band)
Richmond, Virginia

Thursday, 20

Christos Anestopoulos – Deja Vu (jazz fusion)
Patras, Greece

Jazztick – The Legend of Jazztick: Tetraforce (jazz fusion, VGM)
Santiago, Chile

Kaguu – Red Sun Sessions (math rock, progressive rock)
Monterrey, Mexico

Zayn – Evolution Made Us (progressive metal)

Friday, 21

Existe – Vivre et laisser mourir (post-rock)

Fall – The Dreamer of Tragedy [EP] (progressive death metal)
Corpus Christi, Texas

Great Falls – A Sense of Rest (progressive post-hardcore)
Seattle, Washington
On Throatruiner Records

Humanoid – Door (progressive rock, progressive metal)
Montréal, Québec

Mode Dodeca – Mode Dodeca (alternative rock, math rock)
Austin, Texas
On Strange Daisy

Thrailkill – Everything That Is You (jazz fusion, progressive metal)
Los Angeles, California

Sunday, 23

Jazz Robots – Jazz Robots Write Down Their Dreams (jazz fusion, progressive jazz)
Chicago, Illinois

Mono – Nowhere Now Here (post-rock)
Tokyo, Japan
On Temporary Residence Ltd.

Monday, 24

Beaten to Death – Agronomicon [EP] (grindcore)
Oslo, Norway
On Mas-Kina Recordings

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Friday, 28

Veilburner – A Sire to the Ghouls of Lunacy (experimental black metal, death metal)
On Transcending Obscurity Records

Wristmeetrazor – Misery Never Forgets [EP] (mathcore, skramz)
United States
On Prosthetic Records

Released in December

Dali Mraz – Level 25 (jazz fusion, progressive rock)

Космодром (Kosmodrom) – The War of the Worlds (experimental electro, noise, drone)
On New Approach Records

Soulmass – The Weakness of Virtue (death metal, doom metal)

Ühtceare – El genocidio primordial llevará el nombre infinito de la empatía (atmospheric black metal)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
On Death Kvlt Productions

Volcano – The Island (psych rock, world fusion)
San Diego, California

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Bruno Sanfilippo – Pianette (modern classical)
Barcelona, Spain

Forests – Spending Eternity in a Japanese Convenience Store (math rock)

Sunjae Lee – Entropy (experimental jazz)
Seoul, South Korea

William Covert – Music for Synthesizer and Drums (experimental electro, free jazz)
Castlegar, British Columbia
On Coup sur Coup Records

Friday, 4

Moulin Banal – Le rythme du maréchal ferrant (black metal, folk metal)
Montréal, Québec
On Corde Raide Productions

Sunday, 6

Lantern – Lost Paragraphs [EP] (blackened death metal)
On Dark Descent Records

Monday, 7

Sungazer – Volume Ⅱ (progressive jazz)
Brooklyn, New York

Tuesday, 8

Twin Talk – Weaver (jazz fusion)
Chicago, Illinois
On People

Thursday, 10

Orchid – Miasma [EP] (mathcore)
Bengaluru, India

Friday, 11

Jinjer – Micro [EP] (progressive metalcore)
On Napalm Records

Oroboro – Dyad (art rock)
Hadley, Massachusetts

Ouzo Bazooka – Transporter (alternative rock)
Tel Aviv, Israel

Tuesday, 15

Barshasketh – Barshasketh (black metal)
Edinburgh, UK
On W.T.C. Productions

Gleb Kanasevich – Asleep (blackened noise, dark ambient)
Bronx, New York

Ill Considered – Ill Considered 5 (spiritual jazz)
London, UK

Ill Considered – Ill Considered 6 (spiritual jazz)
London, UK

Friday, 18

Gorgon – Elegy (blackened death metal)
Paris, France
On Dusktone

Mark Lockheart – Days on Earth (jazz fusion)
London, UK
On Edition Records

Xavi Reija, Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, and Dusan Jevtovic – The Sound of the Earth (progressive rock, stoner rock)
Barcelona, Spain
On MoonJune Records

Monday, 21

Dentype – Why So (mathcore)
Montréal, Québec

Wednesday, 23

Mendel – The Blood, the Sin and the Djinn [EP] (progressive metal)

Friday, 25

Altarage – The Approaching Roar (avant-garde death metal)
On Season of Mist

Jasper Blom – Polyphony [2-disc] (modern jazz, jazz fusion)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
On Whirlwind Recordings

Lost Crowns – Every Night Something Happens (progressive rock)
London, UK
On Bad Elephant Music

The Neal Morse Band – The Great Adventure [2-disc] (progressive rock)
Nashville, Tennessee
On Metal Blade Records

Paal Nilssen-Love – New Brazilian Funk (free jazz, funk)
Oslo, Norway
On PNL Records

Paal Nilssen-Love – New Japanese Noise (free jazz, noise)
Oslo, Norway
On PNL Records

Slow – IV: Mythologiæ [Rerelease] (doom metal, post-metal)
On Code666

Sofy Major – Total Dump (noise rock, sludge)
On Corpse Flower Records

Saturday, 26

Light Dweller – Incandescent Crucifix (atmospheric black metal)
Tempe, Arizona

Monday, 28 January

Dead Kiwis – Systematic Home Run [EP] (mathcore)
Lyon, France

Friday, 1 February 2018

Astronoid – Astronoid (progressive metal)
Boston, Massachusetts
On Blood Music

The Emerald Dawn – Nocturne (progressive rock)
St. Ives, UK
On World’s End Records

James Brandon Lewis – An Unruly Manifesto (avant-garde jazz)
New York, New York
On Relative Pitch Records

Pensées Nocturnes – Grand Guignol Orchestra (avant-garde black metal)
Paris, France

Living Impressions – The Big Dipper (progressive metal, jazz fusion)
Leiria, Portugal

Soen – Lotus (progressive post-metal)
On Silver Lining Music

Friday, 8

Anton Eger – Æ (experimental jazz)
Copenhagen, Denmark
On Edition Records

Downfall of Gaia – Ethic of Radical Finitude (atmospheric black metal)
On Metal Blade Records

Labirinto – Divino afflante spiritu (progressive post-metal)
On Pelagic Records

Seer – Vol. 6 (blackened doom metal)
Vancouver, British Columbia
On Artoffact Records

Friday, 15

Kaleikr – Heart of Lead (progressive black metal)
Reykjavík, Iceland
On Debemur Morti Productions

Y I Y – Dkvdnt (atmospheric black metal)
Berlin, Germany

Friday, 22

Ænimus – Dreamcatcher (technical deathcore)
San Francisco, California
On Nuclear Blast Records

Cân Bardd – The Last Rain (atmospheric black metal)
On Northern Silence Productions

Dream Theater – Distance over Time (progressive metal)
New York, New York
On Insideout Records

Ghost Iris – Apple of Discord (progressive metalcore, djent)
On Long Branch Records

Minors – Abject Bodies (hardcore, powerviolence)
Windsor, Ontario
On Holy Roar Records

Sunwatchers – Illegal Moves (experimental jazz, jazz fusion)
New York
On Trouble in Mind Records

Friday, 1 March

Steph Richards – Take the Neon Lights (experimental jazz)
New York
On Birdwatcher Records

Scheduled for 2019

Good Nightowl – Truthmaster (progressive metal)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Gralaghorr – The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth [EP] (atmospheric black metal)
Somerville, Massachusetts

Ihlo – Union (progressive metal)

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