Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 27 October

Andrés – “Romphims and Mimosas” [Single] (jazz, pop)
Bakersfield, California

Karmic Juggernaut – “Trick or Treat MF” [Single] (experimental rock)
Asbury Park, New Jersey

A Monumental Black Statue – Earth Totem I. [EP] (black metal)
London, UK
On Vexator Syndicate

Vantana Row – Draggin’ Suzy [EP] (experimental hardcore)
Oakland, California

Sunday, 28

Lifelost – Dialogues from Beyond [EP] (black metal)
Bilbao, Spain
On Transcending Obscurity Records

Zeta – 無限の魔法 (Mugen no mahō) / Magia infinita [EP] (hardcore, mathcore)
Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
On IFB Records

Monday, 29

Abstract Void – Back to Reality (blackwave)
On Avantgarde Music

Big Business – 4 [EP] (stoner metal, sludge metal)
Los Angeles, California

Colorbred – “Insufferable Pain” [Single] (post-hardcore)
Spain and USA

Gem – “Torque” [Single] (jazz fusion)
USA and Sweden

Traitors – “Dwell” [Single] (deathcore)

Universe Effects – Desolation (progressive metal)
Québec, Québec

Tuesday, 30

Atrium – The Equation of Beauty (progressive metal, nu-prog)
Provo, Utah

Bill Wurtz – “Long, Long, Long Journey” [Single] (progressive jazz, pop)
New York, New York

Consumed – Consumed (blackened grindcore)
Brisbane, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

Gridfailure – When the Lights Go Out, Vol. Ⅱ (dark ambient, soundtrack)
Valley Cottage, New York

Holy Grinder and Reeking Cross [Split] (grindcore)
Canada and USA

Marée Noire and Crowning [Split] (post-hardcore)
Canada and USA
On Zegema Beach Records

Organ: – Everything Is Pared Down. Minimal Expectations. (avant-garde black metal)
Italy and Norway
On Duplicate Records

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Richard Daskas – Eons [EP] (microtonal post-rock)
Austin, Texas

Wednesday, 31

Black Tongue – Nadir (deathcore)
Hull, UK

The Death Particle – “Le voyage après la mort” [Single] (nu jazz)
Wales, UK

Empathy Test – “Holy Rivers | Incubation Song” [Single] (synth pop, darkwave)
London, UK

Etienne Pelosoff – Trve Brutal Black Jazz [EP] (experimental jazz, black metal)
London, UK

Ghost Coasts – “The Safe Word Is Pineapple / Juniper” [Single] (indie rock, math rock)
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Love//Paranoia – 話 (Hanashi) [EP] (post-black metal)
Houston, Texas

Methwitch – “Brimstone Heart” [Single] (grindcore, mathcore)
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Manugen and Morgan Ågren – Maximum Times (jazz fusion, progressive rock)

Poppy – Am I a Girl? (pop)
Los Angeles, California
On Mad Decent

Pure Wrath – Sempiternal Wisdom (atmospheric black metal)
West Java, Indonesia
On Pest Productions

Surgeryhead and DJ Rozwell – Kali Yuga Survivalist (synthwave, darkwave)

Teeel – Hi-Death: Death Has a Conscience Original Score [EP] (synthwave, darkwave)
Trenton, New Jersey
On D.I.Why?

Vvitch Key – Salem [EP] (blackened metalcore)
Salem, Massachusetts

Thursday, 1 November

Andrea Keller & Miroslav Bukovsky – The Komeda Project (contemporary jazz)
Melbourne, Australia

Districts – Green Is Not a Creative Colour (jazz fusion, modern jazz)
Birmingham, UK
On Jazz Plus Productions

In Twilight’s Embrace – Lawa [EP] (blackened death metal)
Poznan, Poland

Monobody – Raytracing (nu jazz)
Chicago, Illinois
On Soft Greens Music

Parazit – Aural Coincidence (instrumental progressive metal)
Guadalajara, Mexico

Rhetort – Hypophora [EP] (djent)
Chania, Greece

Friday, 2

The Algorithm – Compiler Optimization Techniques (synthwave, progressive metal)
Berlin, Germany

Alice’s Mirror – Through the Mirror (progressive rock)
Apulia, Italy

Amgala Temple – Invisible Airships (jazz fusion)
Oslo, Norway
On Pekula Records

Apollyon – False Light (blackened death metal)
Kelowna, British Columbia

Arsis – Visitant (technical death metal)
Virginia Beach, Virginia
On Nuclear Blast Records

Bak – Viyoga (progressive rock, jazz fusion)
On Eclipse Music

Dane Rousay – Neuter [EP] (experimental jazz, solo drums)
San Antonio, Texas

Death Lab – EP2 [EP] (death metal)
Bordeaux, France

Gorepot – Asian Stoned Effect [EP] (brutal death metal)
Taipei City, Taiwan
On Brutal Mind Records

Iana – D’une extrême à l’autre: Live at Donaueschingen (avant-garde jazz)
Toulouse, France
On Freddy Morezon

Ishmael – Brittle Ivy (post-hardcore)
Brooklyn, New York

Jacob Collier – “With the Love in My Heart” [Single] (world fusion, jazz)
London, UK
On Hajanga Records


Karybdis – In the Shadow of Paradise (melodic death metal)
London, UK

Mammal Hands – Becoming [EP] (nu jazz)
Norwich, UK
On Gondwana Records

Mere – Rotti (future funk)
Boston, Massachusetts
On Business Casual

Noise Trail Immersion – Symbology of Shelter (mathcore, avant-garde death metal)
Berlin, Germany
On Moment of Collapse Records

The Ocean – Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic (progressive metal)
Berlin, Germany
On Pelagic Records

Others by No One – “Oni-Chan!” [Single] (progressive metal)
Dayton, Ohio

Piece and Empress [Split] (stoner metal, doom metal)
Canada and Germany
On Soulwrecked Records

PJ5 – I Told the Little Bird (jazz fusion, post-rock)
Paris, France
On Jazz & People

Saint Sadrill – Pierrefilant (avant-garde jazz)
Lyon, France
On Dur et Doux

Selvans – Faunalia (atmospheric black metal)
On Avantgarde Music

شيران (Shiran) – شيران (Shiran) [EP] (world pop)
On Batov Records

Skeletonized – Heavy Wave [EP] (experimental jazz, free jazz)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Soul Grip – Not Ever (blackened post-hardcore)
Ghent, Belgium
On Consouling Sounds

Sunn Trio – فايروس (Fayrus) (experimental jazz)
Phoenix, Arizona
On Sky Lantern Records

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Sylvaine – Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone (post-metal)
Oslo, Norway
On Season of Mist

Tera Melos – Treasures and Trolls [EP] (math rock)
Sacramento, California
On Sargent House

Thought Gang – Thought Gang (dark jazz)
Los Angeles, California
On Sacred Bones Records

Toska – Fire by the Silos (progressive metal, post-metal)
Brighton, UK

Totenmesse – To (atmospheric black metal)
Swiecie, Poland
On Pagan Records

U-Foes – Whiteout [EP] (experimental post-hardcore, noise rock)
Oslo, Norway
On Marw Melodee Music

Ursa – Abyss between the Stars (doom metal)
On Blood Music

Ølten – Ambiance (post-metal, sludge metal)
Canton of Jura, Switzerland
On Hummus Records

Upcoming Releases

Saturday, 3

Timothée Quost – Before Zero Crossing (free jazz, noise)
Copenhagen, Denmark
On Gotta Let It Out

Tuesday, 6

Anal Trump – The First 100 Songs [Compilation] (grindcore)
San Diego, California
On Joyful Noise Recordings

Thursday, 8

Fractal Cypher – Prelude to an Impending Outcome (progressive metal)
Montréal, Québec

Friday, 9

Anomalie – Integra [EP] (post-black metal)
Leobendorf, Austria

Casey Golden – Atlas (modern jazz)
Sydney, Australia

Chicago Edge Ensemble – Insidious Anthem (experimental jazz)
Chicago, Illinois
On Trost records

Cold Night for Alligators – Fervor (progressive metalcore)
Copenhagen, Denmark
On Long Branch Records

Cortez – No More Conqueror (blackened hardcore)
On Wooaaargh

Cult Leader – A Patient Man (sludge metal, hardcore)
Salt Lake City, Utah
On Deathwish

Dire Peril – The Extraterrestrial Compendium (progressive power metal)
Sacramento, California

Far Corner – Risk (avant-prog, chamber rock)
Washington, D.C.
On Cuneiform Records

Four Stroke Baron – Planet Silver Screen (alternative metal, progressive metal)
Reno, Nevada
On Prosthetic Records

Josh Sinton’s Predicate Trio – Making Bones, Taking Draughts, Bearing Unstable Millstones Pridefully, Idiotically, Prosaically (avant-garde jazz)
On Iluso Records

Khoalesce – Khoalesce (modern jazz)
London, UK

Lawful Citizen – Internal Combustion (avant-garde jazz)
Montréal, Québec

Maisha – There Is a Place (spiritual jazz)
London, UK
On Brownswood Recordings

Myopic – Myopic (progressive metal, post-metal)
Washington, D.C.
On Grimoire Records

Psycroptic – As the Kingdom Drowns (death metal)
Hobart, Australia
On Prosthetic Records

Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly – Friendship (progressive rock)
On Insideout Records

Their Dogs Were Astronauts – Occult Theories (progressive metal, post-rock)
Vienna, Austria

Thoren – Gwarth I [EP] (avant-garde death metal)
Sterling Heights, Michigan
On Drylands Records

Saturday, 10

All Cats Are Beautiful – A/C/A/B #2 [EP] (math rock)
London, UK
On Fu Inle Records

Emika – Falling in Love with Sadness (ambient electronic, darkwave)
On Emika Records

He Was Eaten by Owls – Inchoate with the Light Go I (contemporary classical, progressive rock)
London, UK

Sunday, 11

Frank Macchia and Brock Avery – Rhythm Kaleidoscope (jazz fusion, progressive rock)
Los Angeles, California

Tuesday, 13

Europa – Small Steps (progressive rock)
Orlando, Florida

Portland Jazz Composers’ Ensemble – From Maxville to Vanport (experimental jazz)
Portland, Oregon
On PJCE Records

Wednesday, 14

Mnmm – Minimum (post-rock, world music)
Melbourne, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

Sunstare – Eroded [EP] (blackened sludge metal)
Lille, France

Thursday, 15

A God or an Other – Chaotic Symbiosis (blackened post-metal)
Olympia, Washington

Overhead – Haydenspark (progressive rock)
Helsinki, Finland
On Just for Kicks Music

Friday, 16

Azusa – Heavy Yoke (post-hardcore)
On Solid State Records

Baring Teeth – Transitive Savagery (death metal)
Dallas, Texas
On Translation Loss Records

Brûlé Vif – From Anger to Despair (powerviolence)
Le Havre, France

Circuitry – Untouched by Human Hands (progressive metalcore)
Long Branch, New Jersey

Divine Ascension – The Uncovering (progressive power metal)
Melbourne, Australia
On Vicisolum Productions

Fawn Limbs – Languor [EP] (grindcore, mathcore)
On Drylands Records

The Great Sabatini – Goodbye Audio (sludge metal, noise rock)
Montréal, Québec
On No List Records

Johnny Goth and Molly Drag [Split] (indie folk, slowcore)
USA and Canada
On Mutant League Records

Poiro – Poiro (grindcore, mathcore)
Lille, France

Portrayal of Guilt – Let Pain Be Your Guide [EP] (post-hardcore)
On Holy Roar Records

Psychoneurosis – The Fall of Humanity (grindcore)
On Selfmadegod Records

Shattered Skies – Muted Neon (progressive metal)
England, UK

Sunless Dawn – Timeweaver (progressive blackened death metal)
Copenhagen, Denmark
On Prime Collective

Tangent – Proxy (progressive rock)
London, UK
On Insideout Records

Trollwar – Oath of the Storm (folk metal, blackened death metal)
Alma, Québec

山童 (Yama Warashi) – Boiled Moon (world fusion)
Bristol, UK
On Worlds within Worlds

Saturday, 17

Sœur – Fight (post-punk)
Bristol, UK

Wednesday, 21

いくいどき (Ikui Doki) – いくいどき (Ikui Doki) (avant-garde jazz)
Montreuil, France
On Ayler Records

Takashi Sugawa Trio – Outgrowing (experimental jazz, free jazz)
Tokyo, Japan
On Song X Jazz Inc.

Friday, 23

Roine Stolt’s The Flower King – Manifesto of an Alchemist (progressive rock, neo-prog)
On Insideout Records

22 – You Are Creating: Limb2 (progressive rock)
Trondheim, Norway
On Long Branch Records

Unreqvited – Mosaic I: L’amour et l’ardeur (atmospheric black metal, post-black metal)

Zapruder – Zapruder (mathcore, post-hardcore)
Poitiers, France
On Apathia Records

Sunday, 25

Second to Sun – The Walk (blackened death metal)

Friday, 30

Benjamin Schaefer – Hive Mind (big band, modern jazz)
Hamburg, Germany
On For the Records

Cantique Lépreux – Paysages polaires (black metal)
Québec City, Québec
On Eisenwald

Grant the Sun – Simmar ur bild [EP] (progressive metal, post-hardcore)
Oslo, Norway
On Mas-Kina Recordings

Kenosis – Consecrationem [Rerelease] (black metal)
On Prosthetic Records

Mula and Poil – Mula Poil [Split] (avant-prog)
Colombia and France
On Dur et Doux

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra – Naming & Blaming (world fusion)
Melbourne, Australia
On Hopestreet Recordings

Sarah Longfield – Disparity (progressive metal)
On Season of Mist

Soulmass – The Weakness of Virtue (death metal, doom metal)

Scheduled for November

Cóndor – El valle del Cóndor (atmospheric black metal)
Bogotá, Colombia

Bandcamp page

Tuesday, 4 December

Darkaeon – The Shattered Monolith (progressive metal)
Montréal, Québec

Wednesday, 5

Jyocho – 美しい終末サイクル (Utsukushī shūmatsu saikuru) (math rock, indie rock)
On No Big Deal Records

Official website

Friday, 7

Faceless Burial – Multiversial Abattoir (brutal death metal)
Melbourne, Australia
On Blood Harvest

Vulfpeck – Hill Climber (funk)
Los Angeles, California
On Vulf Records

Monday, 10

Öfö Am – Tales from Outerspace: An Octaman’s Odyssey (progressive rock, stoner rock)
Montpellier, France
On Lost Pilgrim Records

Friday, 14

Squalus and Shadow Limb – Mass and Power [Split] (progressive metal)
San Francisco and Chico, California
On Translation Loss Records

Thursday, 20

Kaguu – Red Sun Sessions (math rock, progressive rock)
Monterrey, Mexico

Zayn – Evolution Made Us (progressive metal)

Friday, 21

Fall – The Dreamer of Tragedy (progressive death metal)
Corpus Christi, Texas

Great Falls – A Sense of Rest (progressive post-hardcore)
Seattle, Washington
On Throatruiner Records

Sunday, 23

Mono – Nowhere Now Here (post-rock)
Tokyo, Japan
On Temporary Residence Ltd.

Friday, 28

Veilburner – A Sire to the Ghouls of Lunacy (experimental black metal, death metal)
On Transcending Obscurity Records

Wristmeetrazor – Misery Never Forgets [EP] (mathcore, skramz)
United States
On Prosthetic Records

Scheduled for 2018

Dali Mraz – Level 25 (jazz fusion, progressive rock)

Космодром (Kosmodrom) – The War of the Worlds (experimental electro, noise, drone)
On New Approach Records

Soul Cycle – Soul Cycle III (progressive metal)
Savannah, Georgia

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Twin Talk – Weaver (jazz fusion)
Chicago, Illinois
On People

Scheduled for 2019

Gralaghorr – The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth (atmospheric black metal)
Somerville, Massachusetts

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