Weekly Release Dump #4

    Saturday, 23 December

CarcajouQuelle magnifique fin du monde (post-hardcore)
KäkiThree Pieces for Guitar, Piano and Junk Metal (experimental rock)
Planning for BurialBelow the House (Version) (post-doom/experimental)
The White Tulips and Chinese Football双拼 (Shuāng pīn) Half Half #1 (math rock)

    Sunday, 24 December

MorrowFallow (progressive blackened hardcore)

    Monday, 25 December

AdharaAdhara (instrumental progressive metal)
Dialectical ImaginationThe Angel and the Brute Sing Songs of Wrath (experimental jazz)
Heavy Blog Is HeavyHeavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume Five (compilation)
HyperdeathNo Fear (progressive metal)
Night TempoNighty Tape (future funk)
SaurÂmbar (post-rock)
TraunDeleted Scenes (progressive rock/avant-prog)
VarraVarra II (progressive metal fusion)

    Tuesday, 26 December

CamembertNegative Toe (progressive rock/avant-prog)

    Friday, 29 December

Travis OrbinSilly String II (instrumental progressive metal)

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