Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 8

La’akea – She Would’ve Been an Acrobat, (free jazz) – Potentially Kinetic Records

Sunday, 9

Ehnahre & Hadean – Rites for Winter (experimental doom metal)

Travis Orbin – Finite II (instrumental progressive metal, chamber music)

We Are Leif – Breathe (nu jazz, soul)

Monday, 10

Bubu – El eco del sol (progressive rock)

Five Pound Pocket Universe – Brain Bubble Party (experimental jazz, mathcore)

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The Prim – The Prim (grindcore, death metal)

Wares – Silhouette (indie rock)

Tuesday, 11

Kamaal Williams – Nights in Paris (jazz fusion) – Black Focus Records

Wednesday, 12

Érick d’Orion – Le bruit du vivant (ambient electronic music) – Productions Rhizome

Käki – Amplified Silence (experimental rock, ambient) 2-disc

Kendall Burks – Waves (progressive rock, indie)

Meganeko – Nascens (synthwave, dubstep)

oolXloo – Humanoid (post-metal, metalcore)

Potmos Hetoimos – Vox Medusae (progressive sludge metal) – Not Music Label

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Strick – Selektion (blackened grindcore)

Taïga – Sea Salt (jazz fusion)

Thursday, 13

اكوان (Akvan) – اسفندیار (Esfandiyar) (black metal)

苦しみ (Kurushimi) – What Is Chaos? (experimental jazz, noise) – Art as Catharsis

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Nachteule – Bergdorf (atmospheric black metal)

Pandelis Karayorgis, Nate McBride, and Luther Gray – Pools (experimental jazz) – Driff Records

Friday, 14

Ally the Fiddle – Up (progressive metal) – Gentle Art of Music

Anna Pest – A Fortress of Flesh (blackened deathcore)

Aphex Twin – Collapse (experimental electronic music) – Warp

Archipiélagos – Guermantes (math rock) – Anomalía Ediciones

An Autumn for Crippled Children – The Light of September (blackgaze) – Consouling Sounds

Big Fat Meanies – Re:TTHC (progressive rock, punk)

Blvck Ceiling – Blvck (darkwave) – Polycoffin

Bosse-de-Nage – Further Still (blackgaze, post-black metal) – Profound Lore Records

Crippled Black Phoenix – Great Escape (post-rock) – Season of Mist

Deathnap / Patent – Split (grindcore)

Doorsmasher – Cosmogony (post-rock, drone)

Guerilla Toss – Twisted Crystal (experimental math rock) – Death from Above Records

Hyperdontia – Nexus of Teeth (death metal) – Dark Descent Records

ᐃᓕᓴᐱ (Elisapie) – The Ballad of the Runaway Girl (folk, pop) – Pheromone Recordings

Infernal Coil – Within a World Forgotten (avant-garde death metal, grindcore) – Profound Lore Records

Irreversible Mechanism – Immersion (technical death metal, progressive death metal) – Blood Music

Joëlle Léandre – Strings Garden (experimental jazz, chamber music, contemporary classical) 3-disc – Fundacja Słuchaj

Outed – Fucked (grindcore)

Pandelis Karayorgis, Damon Smith, and Eric Rosenthal – Cliff (experimental jazz) – Driff Records

Phronesis – We Are All (jazz fusion) – Edition Records

Trio Untold – Trio Untold (experimental jazz) – PJCE Records

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