Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 28

Epos Nemo Latrocinium – Iter itineris III (contemporary classical, chamber music)

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Sunday, 29

Collapse of Light – Each Failing Step (atmospheric blackened doom metal)

Dzũng – Cánh cửa thần kỳ (instrumental melodic metal, progressive metal)

Patrick Shiroishi Rob Magill Duo – Eyes in the Dirt (avant-garde jazz, free jazz)

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Monday, 30 April

Curse League – Laying by the Fire in Good Company (math rock)

Holosphere – I (djent, progressive metalcore)

Oliba International – Oliba International (world fusion)

Verneri Pohjola and Samuel Blaser – City of Gardens (modern jazz)

Tuesday, 1 May

Incipient Chaos – Terre noire (black metal)

Jute Gyte – Penetralia (experimental electronic music, ambient black metal)

Nervewrecker – Murmur (sludge metal, post-doom)

Norio – Unknown Universe (instrumental progressive metal)

Respire – Dénouement (post-hardcore, black metal)

Thou – The House Primordial (doom metal, post-hardcore)

Wednesday, 2

Arms and Seizures – Split (mathcore)

Dead Cross – Dead Cross (thrash metal, crossover, post-hardcore)

Thursday, 3

i.o – Far from Earth and Deep Water (experimental jazz)

Friday, 4

Anywhere – Anywhere II (alternative rock)

Atmospheres – Reach (atmospheric djent)

Carb on Carb – For Ages (post-hardcore)

Death. Void. Terror. – To the Great Monolith I (experimental black metal)

Dinosaur – Wonder Trail (modern jazz, jazz fusion)

Galactic Empire – Episode II (melodic metalcore, film music)

Hidden People – Tambour cloche (experimental jazz)

Hope from Beyond – Lasts Forever (djent, progressive metalcore)

Kyterion – Inferno II (black metal)

Thomas Nordlund – Miles Left Behind (modern jazz)

uSSSy – Voyage (experimental rock)

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Vampillia – Happiness Brought by Endless Sorrow (experimental grindcore)

Venetian Snares and Daniel Lanois – Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois (experimental breakcore)

Voidthrone – Kur (avant-garde death metal)

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